Italy’s Seaside Helps CircleMe Brainstorming

Dear Circlers,

This weekend we had our 3rd off-site in the beautiful seaside of Camogli (Italy – close to Portofino/Cinque Terre). Lots of work discussions but also lots of fun (and food and drinks often were part of that). Cooking class the highlight!

Offsite dec 113 - Camoglia -Liguria -italy

Offsite dec ’13 – Camogli -Liguria – Italy

On saturday morning we had a really cool team building session where Chef Remo showed us how to make some local culinary delights: focaccia di Recco, traditional vegetable soup, pansotti pasta, wholenuts souce, pasqualina-pie, traditional oven baked fish, apricot tart.

This is Gab, mastering the art of making focaccia from scratch! Chef Remo and Elena felt very honored to see the artist create a master piece…


It was a lot of fun, but still lot of work had to be done… We have a lot of suggestions from you and we want to improve as much as we can to meet your requests so that we can grow and you can have more fun with CircleMe! For this reason we had a very mind-powerful meeting, this is our tech team trying to convince marketing team about “stuff”:


Well, for the moment that’s all… Just to let you know, Elena wrote down all the recipes from Chef Remo and she guards them as gold, but it may be possible to steal some of them and share with you… How does this sound? 😉

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