Happy 2014 with the new iOS app!

Let’s start 2014 with a brand new version of our iOS app!

From today, we are releasing a new version of our iPhone app, which features for the first time, and in Alpha release for now, the Updates Feed and Push Notifications. We hope you will appreciate these features, so that we can soon launch them officially and in full-feature mode!

You can get the new app at the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme/id505991146

Updates Feed on The Beatles

The Updates Feed is the way to stay up-to-date with all the interests you have in life: by accessing and browsing this feed, you will be able to view news, videos, articles, posts and more on all the things you have marked as a Like or a ToDo in CircleMe. We are working hard to get you really interesting and fresh content, every hour. We have aggressively increased the rate to which we publish articles associated with interests in CircleMe, and as of today we distribute more than 6000-7000 articles per month. We are sure you will find lots of interesting content in your personalized Updates Feed.

CircleMe Push Notifications



More news! Available immediately, you can have CircleMe’s Push Notifications, a feature many of you asked for. From today, thanks to these notifications, you will keep being informed by CircleMe on messages you receive from other Circlers and news about your passions at any moment, also when the CircleMe app is closed or running in the background. Never miss again a concert or an event by your favorite artist, nor miss a message from a person who shares your same interests and trusts your tastes.

Hope you enjoy these new features. It is our way to say “Happy 2014!” hoping you will always enjoy more your passions in life.

To download the app on your iPhone or iPad, just go on the App Store.

#bewhatyoulike in 2014 😉

The CircleMe Team

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