I like this or I like that, but not both!

As CircleMe’s main objective continues to be getting the most interesting content to all its registered users, today we launch a new feature to learn more about people’s preferences.


In a newly designed feed card, we ask Circlers to express a preference (if any) between two specific topics, and this way we get to learn more about users and bring you even more relevant content for you to read.

As always, CircleMe knows only what users express transparently as an interest, so fear no more about social networks trying to guess what your interest-profile is, in a too well-know Orson Welles’s dystopia. 😉

Did you get to try CircleMe yet? Perhaps today is the day.

If you have an iPhone (or iPad), go here > https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme-the-interest-based-social-network/id505991146

If you like the little green Android, go here > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cascaad.circleme

We are curious to know what you think. In the meantime, keep on circling your passions.




Android’s app gets a new look!

Yes, we know, it was long overdue, but finally we got to freshening-up the Android app look&feel and today we launch our sexiest-yet app for Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE, Google Phones, HTC, Motorola, NEC, Acer, Asus, or whatever other Android device you might own! We are sure tens of thousands of people will be happy for it.

Try it out by downloading it from the Google Play store.

This new version not only features the latest CircleMe graphic design, but also gets to you plenty of small improvements and bug fixes that some of you were desperately looking for. Here below you can get a ‘feel’ for the new app with a nice screenshots gallery.


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In the meantime, our interest-network continues to increase, with millions of articles, posts, images and videos available for any of your life’s passion you can think of. Each day, you can expect at least 500 and up to 1000 new articles with news about your favorite topics.

Get the new ANDROID app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂


#bewhatyoulike , always!

New iOS app with lots of users around you!

We get excited about every new release, especially as it allows us to launch features that our Circlers have put on their “wish list” in the past weeks.

Today, the new version of our iOS app will feature some improvements to the user-experience, both for the discovery of other Circlers, and the discovery of new interests and related content.

On the discovery of new users using the app, we apply now better filters in our algorithm to show users who are closer to the Circler, and who have a richer and better-matching interest-profile. Our tests have proven very positive, with results showing a much better set of people suggested for different users and their related profile. Try it now and let us know what you think of it!

On the discovery of new interests, our algorithms are getting much more effective in bringing to a Circler’s attention not only the popular interests, but also the ones “hyped” (i.e., interests that in a given, short, timeframe get lots of visibility and activity around them). This way you will not just see ‘Traveling” (9200+ likes), “Apple” (12800+ likes) and “Game of Thrones” (5250+ likes) on the list, but even interests such as the one about the actress and model Alicia Vikander (165 likes now) or the one about the astronomical phenomenon of the Eclipse (959 likes now).

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The last weeks have been very rewarding to us, with the involvement of our users increasing constantly (+110% time spent per user since the beginning of Summer). We’re very honored of this, and we hope that all our little improvements will continue to make you happy and enjoying the use of CircleMe.

Get the new iOS app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂


#bewhatyoulike , always!

New iOS app is launched!

Dear CircleMe users, fans, and curious,
today is a big day: the release of our brand-new iOS app!
Launching CircleMe iOS
Want to create a profile with all the things you truly care and are interested about? Want to get fresh content on any of 1 million interests available on the platform? Create your personal magazine with CircleMe, expressing all your Likes in one place, and getting up to 1000 new articles per day on anything you can think of.
More than this, get our “magicalPersonal Calendar populate with all the events you most likely will be interested in, being related to your interest-profile and the location where you are. 70,000 events are ready for you to discover them!
With 5 years experience on our back, we worked hard to improve the User-Experience which will anyway affect hundreds of thousands of users. If you have the original CircleMe-iOS app on your phone, you will see the gigantic leap we took. We made the exploration of content much easier, and reading an article more pleasant. On top of all this, we added a feature to spot fake news, which is certainly something we really care about.
Here a fun video of our app launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJactCxSKAc
We look forward to hearing your feedback on how you find our new iOS app for CircleMe.
Enjoy your interests, always! #bewhatyoulike

The CircleMe Android app just gets better and better!

While we do not announce all our new product releases (e.g., so far in 2014 we had 15 releases for our Android app alone), we thought to mention at least some of the key innovations we brought to our Android app addicts in the last weeks. Together, these improvements and added features really make it for a top-notch mobile experience focused on all your interests.

To play with the new version of the app, go to GOOGLE PLAY now.


As we heard your feedback and your requests for simplification, we applied some key changes to the navigation structure. As a clear example, we allow now to access SEARCH and CALENDAR by a simple right or left swipe (you can access SEARCH from the Profile section and Calendar from the Discover section).



Furthermore, we have simplified the Discovery section, which now splits just in two areas: ALL and PEOPLE. Not to worry though, if you want to access the PLANTS section, you just have to click on the overflow-menu on the top right of the screen.











As you access the app for the first time, we will welcome you with a tutorial which triggers itself only when there is something new to learn about the app. The tutorial consists of several tips showing just once per specific feature and which can be dismissed by a simple tap on the ‘GOT IT’ button.



Next time you visit the Discover People section, you will be impressed by our little (but key) improvement to allow you to quickly decide who to TRUST on CircleMe. You will find the blue button visible on each user card, next to some key information about that user. If you know the person, or just think the user could be a good person to trust for his/her tastes, one simple click will connect you two. Make that BLUE button become GREEN: give it a try now!




You asked to get as much area of the screen dedicated to content as possible, and we did that for you! Of course. 🙂 Now, as you keep scrolling down in your Updates and Discover feeds, our navigation bar will ‘understand’ you have a priority (content!) and will get out of the way. How you get it back, you ask? Well, simple, scroll up and… ta-ta, hello again navigation bar! 




Lots of tweaks were done to the code to speed up the starting of the app as well as loading times for content in all the different sections of the application. To achieve this we have done some coding improvements, and we use a bit more cache memory, but still careful about not taking too much of your device memory filled up.

There are at least another 10 features and improvement projects for the past 8-12 weeks we are not mentioning here, but which you’ll be able to appreciate as soon as you get back on the app.

We look forward to having you use CircleMe more and more, and for you to keeping on sending us feedback at support [at] circleme.com so we can continue to develop the best interest-based platform people want and enjoy.

To get the new version of the Android app, go now on Google Play.

Enjoy the Circling!




Viva CircleMe (Android) in Italiano!

Federico Fellini, a great Italian director, used to say: “A different language is a different vision of life.” With this in mind, today we are really excited to launch our first version of CircleMe (Android) in Italian. OK sure, feel free to tell us “Bravissimi!” 😉

We release this ‘local’ version of CircleMe after 4 months from our official launch of CircleMe for Android, which was really successful and saw incredible reviews by publishers such as The Guardian (UK) (“Best Android Apps of the Week”) and TheNextWeb (“Best Apps in December 2013”).

We chose Italian as the first language after English, since our company has strong roots in the country, and Italian Circlers are among one of the TOP-5 communities on the platform.

Hence, if Italian is your mother tongue, or if you just simply like and know the Italian language, it’s time to check the app out (as long as your phone language settings are set to “Italian”) and let us know what you think.

Get your app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cascaad.circleme&hl

As an Italian would say: “Benvenuti su CircleMe!” and #bewhatyoulike




CircleMe Android app: new tutorial, new refresh, new share!

We all know what CircleMe is about: CircleMe keeps you up to date with what you like!

With the android app you have all your likes at your fingertips and you can keep up to date at any moment, wherever you are, and easily share you passions not only online but also with who’s just there… next to you (show CircleMe to your friends, help us grow)!

The release of our Android app has brought attention to CircleMe from all around the world. Excited about its quick distribution, we are determined to continuously improve the app following your feedback and suggestions, and so today we release a new version of the app!

Just to start, you will find a brand new and quick 5-step tutorial that will help you learn the basic navigation sections of the app and unveil some of its tools.



You can find the second new feature we added in the Discover and Updates sections where there is a new smoother swipe-down action that you can use to update the feeds each time you want to check what new content has been published.

Since CircleMe provides you with hundreds of new articles a day associated with all your passions, it’s important to be able to easily update your Updates feed.

For the same reason we have made it very simple for you to share the content with your friends: with just one tap of your finger you can suggest content to other CircleMe users and also share it via Twitter, Google+, Facebook or any available sharing tool installed on your mobile device.

The new year has just started, #bewhatyoulike from now!

Download or update you CircleMe app here.

Your CircleMe Team

Happy 2014 with the new iOS app!

Let’s start 2014 with a brand new version of our iOS app!

From today, we are releasing a new version of our iPhone app, which features for the first time, and in Alpha release for now, the Updates Feed and Push Notifications. We hope you will appreciate these features, so that we can soon launch them officially and in full-feature mode!

You can get the new app at the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme/id505991146

Updates Feed on The Beatles

The Updates Feed is the way to stay up-to-date with all the interests you have in life: by accessing and browsing this feed, you will be able to view news, videos, articles, posts and more on all the things you have marked as a Like or a ToDo in CircleMe. We are working hard to get you really interesting and fresh content, every hour. We have aggressively increased the rate to which we publish articles associated with interests in CircleMe, and as of today we distribute more than 6000-7000 articles per month. We are sure you will find lots of interesting content in your personalized Updates Feed.

CircleMe Push Notifications



More news! Available immediately, you can have CircleMe’s Push Notifications, a feature many of you asked for. From today, thanks to these notifications, you will keep being informed by CircleMe on messages you receive from other Circlers and news about your passions at any moment, also when the CircleMe app is closed or running in the background. Never miss again a concert or an event by your favorite artist, nor miss a message from a person who shares your same interests and trusts your tastes.

Hope you enjoy these new features. It is our way to say “Happy 2014!” hoping you will always enjoy more your passions in life.

To download the app on your iPhone or iPad, just go on the App Store.

#bewhatyoulike in 2014 😉

The CircleMe Team

CircleMe meets Android!

We know lots of our Circlers have been waiting for it and now it’s ready…

Download here the CircleMe Android App!

With the Android app we feel we have improved some areas of the platform, thanks also to your suggestions and feedback. We focused in particular on the overall user experience and on the Updates and Discover streams. All the features you find in the desktop version remain also in the mobile version.

If you are already used to CircleMe you will know what to do… just sign in and start reading your news, liking new things and browse the map to see the ‘plants’. Just enjoy the experience on the go!

If you are new to CircleMe, do not worry at all! There is a smart and easy tutorial when you sign up then you can import your likes from other social media… it goes without saying it’s super-easy and you will be able to use all CircleMe features immediately. For more details check out our dedicated page http://www.circleme.com/android.

Dear Android-Circler and New Android Users, we hope you will be happy about our app and we are looking forward to reading your reviews!

CircleMe finalist at the Mobile Premier Awards 2013!

Dear Circlers,

badge-finalist2013 couldn’t have started off any better for CircleMe! We’ve just learned that CircleMe has been selected as one of the 20 finalists at the Mobile Premier Awards! The MPA 2013 awards will take place on the 25th of February in Barcelona during the prestigious Mobile World Congress 2013.

The 20 finalists were chosen amongst the winners of all the AppCircus events worldwide (As you might remember, in July we won the London one!). We’re really excited as there were over 1000 app entries, and we’re one of the 20 apps that made it to the final. Great!

Mobile Premier Awards

We’re getting ready for Barcelona… Wish us luck! 😉