Happy 2014 with the new iOS app!

Let’s start 2014 with a brand new version of our iOS app!

From today, we are releasing a new version of our iPhone app, which features for the first time, and in Alpha release for now, the Updates Feed and Push Notifications. We hope you will appreciate these features, so that we can soon launch them officially and in full-feature mode!

You can get the new app at the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme/id505991146

Updates Feed on The Beatles

The Updates Feed is the way to stay up-to-date with all the interests you have in life: by accessing and browsing this feed, you will be able to view news, videos, articles, posts and more on all the things you have marked as a Like or a ToDo in CircleMe. We are working hard to get you really interesting and fresh content, every hour. We have aggressively increased the rate to which we publish articles associated with interests in CircleMe, and as of today we distribute more than 6000-7000 articles per month. We are sure you will find lots of interesting content in your personalized Updates Feed.

CircleMe Push Notifications



More news! Available immediately, you can have CircleMe’s Push Notifications, a feature many of you asked for. From today, thanks to these notifications, you will keep being informed by CircleMe on messages you receive from other Circlers and news about your passions at any moment, also when the CircleMe app is closed or running in the background. Never miss again a concert or an event by your favorite artist, nor miss a message from a person who shares your same interests and trusts your tastes.

Hope you enjoy these new features. It is our way to say “Happy 2014!” hoping you will always enjoy more your passions in life.

To download the app on your iPhone or iPad, just go on the App Store.

#bewhatyoulike in 2014 😉

The CircleMe Team

CircleMe meets Android!

We know lots of our Circlers have been waiting for it and now it’s ready…

Download here the CircleMe Android App!

With the Android app we feel we have improved some areas of the platform, thanks also to your suggestions and feedback. We focused in particular on the overall user experience and on the Updates and Discover streams. All the features you find in the desktop version remain also in the mobile version.

If you are already used to CircleMe you will know what to do… just sign in and start reading your news, liking new things and browse the map to see the ‘plants’. Just enjoy the experience on the go!

If you are new to CircleMe, do not worry at all! There is a smart and easy tutorial when you sign up then you can import your likes from other social media… it goes without saying it’s super-easy and you will be able to use all CircleMe features immediately. For more details check out our dedicated page http://www.circleme.com/android.

Dear Android-Circler and New Android Users, we hope you will be happy about our app and we are looking forward to reading your reviews!

CircleMe finalist at the Mobile Premier Awards 2013!

Dear Circlers,

badge-finalist2013 couldn’t have started off any better for CircleMe! We’ve just learned that CircleMe has been selected as one of the 20 finalists at the Mobile Premier Awards! The MPA 2013 awards will take place on the 25th of February in Barcelona during the prestigious Mobile World Congress 2013.

The 20 finalists were chosen amongst the winners of all the AppCircus events worldwide (As you might remember, in July we won the London one!). We’re really excited as there were over 1000 app entries, and we’re one of the 20 apps that made it to the final. Great!

Mobile Premier Awards

We’re getting ready for Barcelona… Wish us luck! 😉

Introducing Plant Guides and our exciting partnership with Cibando

Partnership With Cibando

We know that our users enjoy finding interesting Likes around town using the Plant feature on CircleMe. However, we thought we could make them even more interesting and exciting, so we put our heads to work on improving this feature to help our users discover more high-quality plants.

Plant Guides

Announcing Plant Guides

What we came up with is something ground-breaking for CircleMe: The announcement of ‘Plant Guides’. As you will know, Plants are Likes associated to real-world locations. Thus, ‘Plant guides’ are collections of plants provided by selected partners.

This is a very important moment for CircleMe as it opens the door to the CircleMe ecosystem and potential partnerships, allowing other companies to distribute their content with the fast-growing CircleMe userbase, whilst providing you with more interesting Plants to discover.

Partnership with Cibando

The first partner will be leading restaurant finder app Cibando, which will bring you a collection of the best restaurants in Italy. (You can find out more about this partnership in our Press Center) But that’s not all! We’ve also added 2 more Plant Guides: Art Masterpieces and Boutique shops.

On the CircleMe iPhone app (got the latest version?), navigate to the brand new Plants page from the Menu button and you’ll find all the Plants near you. Now you can select the Guides button and see our 3 new collections.

The Cibando Plant Guide is the tastiest of the 3 as it showcases some of the best restaurants in Italy. It is also the one that excites us the most due to this great partnership, so don’t forget to have a look when you’re not sure where to grab lunch!

Plants on a map

Tap on the map to view Plants in full screen

The Art Masterpieces collection includes some of the most famous works of art in the world, all planted at the galleries where you can see them. From Whistler’s Mother to The Starry Night, the best Art Masterpieces are now planted on CircleMe!

Plants on a map

With the Art Masterpieces Plant Guide you can view art on a map

Finally, the Boutiques Plant Guide will take you on a trip to some of the most exclusive shops around the world, from independent jewelers to high-end tailors, you can find them all in our collection of Boutiques.

We hope Plant Guides help you enjoy CircleMe better, and don’t forget that you too can Plant cool things for others to discover! Not sure how to add a Plant? Don’t worry, our tutorial video will help you out. 

Ah! And don’t forget to check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts where you will find the latest CircleMe news :- )

An exciting new update for the CircleMe app

We’ve been really busy making sure that the CircleMe app is better than ever. So today we are going to run through some of the features and improvements in the new version of the app.

What are the changes?

  • First of all, it’s quicker than ever to sign up and get started adding your likes, as we have included the ability to sign up with Facebook. Just tap ‘Sign Up with Facebook’ and you’ll be taken to the Facebook app where you are just a press of ‘OK’ away from signing up with CircleMe.

Signing up with Facebook

  • One of the coolest new features is browsing plants on a map straight from the app. This is another great feature of the CircleMe.com site that we have added to the app, and it helps you discover even more likes than before!
Plants on a map

Viewing plants on a map

  • You can now view your entire inbox and messages from within the app, so get suggesting Likes to other CircleMe users!

App inbox

  • Not sure who to add to your Trusted network? Well now you can find a list of users you might find interesting right from the CircleMe app! This list shows all like minded people on CircleMe, and trusting them will mean you’ll find even more exciting things to Like.

List of like minded users

  • Stories are now displayed right in the app, no need to open the link in Safari. Our new integrated browser means that reading some of the interesting stories and videos posted on CircleMe is easy to do, just tap!
  • Forgotten your password? D’oh! Don’t worry, just tap ‘Forgot password?’ when signing in and we’ll send you an email letting you reset your password to something a little more memorable.
  • Someone you Trust just added a picture? Or maybe a story? Well now you can vote on almost anything that happens on CircleMe.
  • Little bit confused about how to get started using the app? We’ve included a helpful video that explains just what CircleMe is about when you first sign up.
  • Along with all these great new features, there are lots of smaller bug fixes and improvements to make sure that the CircleMe app is better than ever!

If you have any suggestions about what we should include in the next update, or anything else to do with CircleMe  you can share it with us by commenting on this post, or by contacting us through our Twitter account or Facebook page!

– James Cook

CircleMe Summer Marketing Intern

Updated iPhone app

Dear Circler,

As you’ll expect, the CircleMe team has been working hard to bring you yet another new improvement: We just released the latest version of our iPhone app! What are the changes that the new iPhone app brings?

  •  Notification Box: You can now track all the activities related to your account directly from the top bar. If you receive a notification, a number will appear showing the number of notifications you have on CircleMe. Once you tap on the “m”, these notifications will be shown

    CircleMe notifications

  • Direct Person-to-Person Suggestions: That’s right, you can now send suggestions to other CircleMe users as well to friends who are not on CircleMe yet!
  • Delete Items from Profile: You no longer need to visit the web version of CircleMe to be able to remove unwanted items from your profile

    Deleting Items from the CircleMe app

  • Social Tagging of Items: You can now add tags to your favorite likes to help other users discover related items
  • Provide Feedback on the App: Love it? Hate it? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know how you think we could make CircleMe better for you!
  • Reach Score:Wondering what categories you are most influential in? You can find out by going to your profile and clicking on the “reach” score

    Reach Score on iPhone

  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements: Many tiny improvements that as a whole, certainly deserve to be mentioned 😉

We hope you enjoy this update and that it makes your CircleMe experience much better! And do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to see specific improvements or new features. You can comment on this blog entry or find us on Twitter or Facebook… CircleOn!