Updated iPhone app

Dear Circler,

As you’ll expect, the CircleMe team has been working hard to bring you yet another new improvement: We just released the latest version of our iPhone app! What are the changes that the new iPhone app brings?

  •  Notification Box: You can now track all the activities related to your account directly from the top bar. If you receive a notification, a number will appear showing the number of notifications you have on CircleMe. Once you tap on the “m”, these notifications will be shown

    CircleMe notifications

  • Direct Person-to-Person Suggestions: That’s right, you can now send suggestions to other CircleMe users as well to friends who are not on CircleMe yet!
  • Delete Items from Profile: You no longer need to visit the web version of CircleMe to be able to remove unwanted items from your profile

    Deleting Items from the CircleMe app

  • Social Tagging of Items: You can now add tags to your favorite likes to help other users discover related items
  • Provide Feedback on the App: Love it? Hate it? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know how you think we could make CircleMe better for you!
  • Reach Score:Wondering what categories you are most influential in? You can find out by going to your profile and clicking on the “reach” score

    Reach Score on iPhone

  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements: Many tiny improvements that as a whole, certainly deserve to be mentioned 😉

We hope you enjoy this update and that it makes your CircleMe experience much better! And do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to see specific improvements or new features. You can comment on this blog entry or find us on Twitter or Facebook… CircleOn!

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