What is Planting?

So what is Planting?

With the launch of our iPhone app in March, we introduced a cool new feature on our site, “Planting”. Some of the community members wanted to find out more about “Planting” so we decided to write a blog entry and explain more about it.

On CircleMe you can collect all the things you like and discover new ones.  So, we thought that it would be very cool if you could add one of your Likes not just on your profile, but also somewhere in the world. For instance, you might discover the best ice cream ever and want to add it as a Like, but not only on your profile: What about placing the like somewhere in the world? What about placing it where that awesome ice-cream parlor is? And so we decided to create “Plants”: The possibility to place things you like somewhere on the map.

What’s the benefit?

First, you get to collect all those things you liked or found interesting somewhere in the world: Imagine you discovered that amazing ice cream whilst visiting a new city… you wouldn’t like to forget where it is, right? 😉

But also, if you are placing interesting likes, others will be able to discover those (that is, unless you want to mark them as private) which means you can also discover other cool “plants” shared by other CircleMe users related to the things you are passionate about.

But… I don’t have an iPhone! No problem: Planting is also available on the web version of CircleMe where you can not only explore Plants, but add your own ones.

Right, so how do I plant?

We’ve created a quick video tutorial on how to plant that you can find below:

We hope it’s useful for you! Are there any other features you would like a video tutorial for? Please let us know by commenting on this blog entry or our Facebook or Twitter pages. And even better! On our CircleMe page on… CirceMe!

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