An exciting new update for the CircleMe app

We’ve been really busy making sure that the CircleMe app is better than ever. So today we are going to run through some of the features and improvements in the new version of the app.

What are the changes?

  • First of all, it’s quicker than ever to sign up and get started adding your likes, as we have included the ability to sign up with Facebook. Just tap ‘Sign Up with Facebook’ and you’ll be taken to the Facebook app where you are just a press of ‘OK’ away from signing up with CircleMe.

Signing up with Facebook

  • One of the coolest new features is browsing plants on a map straight from the app. This is another great feature of the site that we have added to the app, and it helps you discover even more likes than before!
Plants on a map

Viewing plants on a map

  • You can now view your entire inbox and messages from within the app, so get suggesting Likes to other CircleMe users!

App inbox

  • Not sure who to add to your Trusted network? Well now you can find a list of users you might find interesting right from the CircleMe app! This list shows all like minded people on CircleMe, and trusting them will mean you’ll find even more exciting things to Like.

List of like minded users

  • Stories are now displayed right in the app, no need to open the link in Safari. Our new integrated browser means that reading some of the interesting stories and videos posted on CircleMe is easy to do, just tap!
  • Forgotten your password? D’oh! Don’t worry, just tap ‘Forgot password?’ when signing in and we’ll send you an email letting you reset your password to something a little more memorable.
  • Someone you Trust just added a picture? Or maybe a story? Well now you can vote on almost anything that happens on CircleMe.
  • Little bit confused about how to get started using the app? We’ve included a helpful video that explains just what CircleMe is about when you first sign up.
  • Along with all these great new features, there are lots of smaller bug fixes and improvements to make sure that the CircleMe app is better than ever!

If you have any suggestions about what we should include in the next update, or anything else to do with CircleMe  you can share it with us by commenting on this post, or by contacting us through our Twitter account or Facebook page!

– James Cook

CircleMe Summer Marketing Intern

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