Tag to get in touch!

Tagging is now available on CircleMe: now you can engage easily and directly with the users on CircleMe about a specific topic.

It works exactly like you already know: just type ‘@’ followed by the name of the user you want to tag or select it from the drop down list that is shown after you type the first letters. You can do this when you’re posting a story to an item page or you’re commenting to a post.


Tagging on the item page ‘Woody Allen’

The user you have tagged will receive a notification on his/her CircleMe inbox and this will ignite a ‘conversation’ on the item between you and the user/users you’ve tagged.


Conversation shown on the item ‘Woody Allen’


Inbox view – Conversation about ‘Woody Allen’ item

They may also receive (depending on their settings on CircleMe) a notification to their email address so even if they are not connected on CircleMe in that moment, they will be informed about your tagging once they check their email.

We hope that tagging will make it easier for you to get in touch with people sharing your interests and passions. Use CircleMe to get in touch with like minded people: it’s a good way to find interesting people and make friends or involve in a direct way the people you trust in conversations about interests you have in common!

What are you waiting for? Start using tagging today and if you have any doubts get in touch at support@circleme.com!


The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide

This year for Valentine’s Day, CircleMe has been inspiring the community by adding over 65 articles to the Valentine’s Day guide including content on the 10 best Valentine’s Day bouquets, original and romantic gifts for fashion and tech lovers, the best love puns, gourmet Valentine’s Day recipes and much more. Browse all the list here: CircleMe Valentine’s Guide! S.Valentine's Day Guide CircleMe

If you are short on ideas on how to make the Love of your Life feel loved, then you can also explore content around chocolate, romantic films, love songs and even the perfect dress code for a romantic date.

And there’s more: we have pulled together a list of 200 of the most romantic restaurants across the globe, creating the first online guide about this topic. It includes tips on the décor, food and atmosphere – and it’s for any kind of budget! You can see the complete list of the places here: Romantic Dinner and it’s available also on CircleMe iOS app in ‘Plants’ and then ‘Guides’.

S.Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner

CircleMe is a virtual place where you can live, increase and discover what you love in life! For this Valentine’s Day #bewhatyoulike with CircleMe!


A tribute to Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado, one of the greatest conductors of all times, has died in Bologna today. He was 80 years old.

Born in Milan on June 26, 1933 he was the son of a violin teacher. The first major recognition came in 1958, when he won the first prize at the Koussevitsky competition in Tanglewood, Massachusetts. After this award, he conducted the New York Philharmonic, the following year he made his debut in Trieste, and in 1960 he conducted for the first time at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where he served as its music director from 1968 to 1986 conducting not only the traditional Italian repertoire but also presenting a contemporary opera each year. He also founded the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala in 1982.

Claudio Abbado

In 1989 the Berliner Philharmoniker elected him as their chief conductor, to succeed Herbert von Karajan. At the end of his last concert with the Berliner in 2002, the audience threw him four thousand flowers and greeted him with thirty minutes of applauses. Since 2004 he has been the musical and artistic director of the Mozart Orchestra in Bologna.

Claudio Abbado strongly believed in the therapeutic function of music. He was an open-minded innovator in the difficult world of classical music, a real dreamer. An artist we’ll all miss.

R.I.P. Maestro.

CircleMe Team

Sundance Film Festival 2014

The 30th edition of the Sundance Film festival 2014 kicks off today and runs through 26th of January. It’s the biggest independent film festival held in the United States and it will take place in Park city, Utah. This is among those events that you won’t miss if you love movies and it is a must for movie industry leaders, actors, film makers, producers and directors.
The event features more than 200 films of different categories like Sundance collection, documentary premieres, LGBT movies, new horror films, short films and many others.
So it’s gonna be hard to choose which film to support during the festival! The Sundance program is so crowded with events and movies that it’s very likely to miss something out.
If you don’t want this to happen then you can easily keep updated about what’s happening at Sundance: simply log in (or sign up) then go on this item: http://circleme.com/items/2014-sundance-film-festival–2 and like it.
This way you will see in your news feed all the updates regarding the Sundance: we’ll publish the best articles from many different sources on the internet to let you find the content you want to read about all in one place and you can focus on reading and discovering news, instead of browsing and searching.
The additional step you may want to take is to have a look at the movies that will be showing during the festival, you can find a list here: http://www.circleme.com/items/1130422/taggings.
For each movie you will add to your likes collection you will receive an update every time a new article or video is posted. Moreover adding a movie to your to do list clicking on ‘To do’ will allow you to create your personal list of movies which you can use as a reminder of the ones you haven’t seen yet but you definitely want to see (and this time you know how to remember about it!).
Don’t forget that CircleMe is also an android app and an iOS app, so you will be able to receive your updates and add movies or other things to your To Do list wherever you are and whenever you want!
CircleMe Team

Italy’s Seaside Helps CircleMe Brainstorming

Dear Circlers,

This weekend we had our 3rd off-site in the beautiful seaside of Camogli (Italy – close to Portofino/Cinque Terre). Lots of work discussions but also lots of fun (and food and drinks often were part of that). Cooking class the highlight!

Offsite dec 113 - Camoglia -Liguria -italy

Offsite dec ’13 – Camogli -Liguria – Italy

On saturday morning we had a really cool team building session where Chef Remo showed us how to make some local culinary delights: focaccia di Recco, traditional vegetable soup, pansotti pasta, wholenuts souce, pasqualina-pie, traditional oven baked fish, apricot tart.

This is Gab, mastering the art of making focaccia from scratch! Chef Remo and Elena felt very honored to see the artist create a master piece…


It was a lot of fun, but still lot of work had to be done… We have a lot of suggestions from you and we want to improve as much as we can to meet your requests so that we can grow and you can have more fun with CircleMe! For this reason we had a very mind-powerful meeting, this is our tech team trying to convince marketing team about “stuff”:


Well, for the moment that’s all… Just to let you know, Elena wrote down all the recipes from Chef Remo and she guards them as gold, but it may be possible to steal some of them and share with you… How does this sound? 😉

CircleMe finalist at the Mobile Premier Awards 2013!

Dear Circlers,

badge-finalist2013 couldn’t have started off any better for CircleMe! We’ve just learned that CircleMe has been selected as one of the 20 finalists at the Mobile Premier Awards! The MPA 2013 awards will take place on the 25th of February in Barcelona during the prestigious Mobile World Congress 2013.

The 20 finalists were chosen amongst the winners of all the AppCircus events worldwide (As you might remember, in July we won the London one!). We’re really excited as there were over 1000 app entries, and we’re one of the 20 apps that made it to the final. Great!

Mobile Premier Awards

We’re getting ready for Barcelona… Wish us luck! 😉

CircleMe at the WebIT Expo

CircleMe has had the privilege of visiting different cities during these past months. Not only we’ve been in London and Milan (where we have offices) but also in Paris and Rome with our users, and participated in events in different places such as Venice, Rzeszow or Vienna amongst others.

This time, we’re really exicted to travel where Europe meets Asia. That’s right: We’ll be travelling to Istambul! How come? We’re attending the WebIT Expo 2012 on the 10th and 11th of October as CircleMe will be one of the 21 finalists (out of 503 participants!) at the WebIT startup challenge. We’re really excited about this as WebIT is one of the most important events of the kind in Europe, and puts us amongst the most innovative startups in Europe.

21 finalists of the Web IT Startup Challenge

However, that’s not just it! We will also be exhibiting, so if you are attending the conference, do not hestitate to pop by and say hi 🙂 Our CEO Giuseppe D’Antonio would love to meet you! We will be in S17 as you can see below. If you are thinking of coming, we would like to remind you that WebIT is not a free event and that the price on site will be 30 Euros.

We hope we can see you there! And if you can’t make it, do not worry! You can always follow our updates about the event via Twitter on @circleme