Zac Efron reunites with British girlfriend

American cinema star Zac Efron has reunited with his British girlfriend Lily Collins after the actor went into rehab.

It appears that Collins has been offering Efron support through his struggles and the flame was reignited. Efron, who starred in the High School Musical film and their sequels, has been struggling with a cocaine addiction. He stayed in a rehab facility several times and Collins was one of the persons who reached out to him in his hour of need.

The pair had split up prior to his troubles and so they never quite ended their romance. The two dated for three months in 2012 and then they ended their relationship in June. It was assumed that their relationship ended because they weren’t serious about each other.

However, now that Efron is in trouble maybe the two will find common ground once again. The two have been sighed together out in public, at the movies. It appears that Collins has competition though. Efron was also seen out with another actress, American Brittany Snow.


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