New beats from Sub Bass


The East-London music academy Sub Bass has launched two new courses dealing specifically with how to use equipment made by German company Ableton.

The performance and production programme software by Ableton include includes Ableton Suite and Ableton Live.

The academy has launched a third course which will feature the use of Logic which will go a far way in helping aspirants in the field of deejaying and producing music.

An advanced Ableton course will be taught twice per week for two weeks and the students of the academy will get lessons in using drums, bass, melody, as well as arrangement, effects, and how to do field recordings.

There will also be an Advanced Logic course which will teach skills associated with the programme.

According to the Sub Bass founder, who was speaking to Electronic Beats, the academy wanted to expand their offerings for some time, but was waiting on the right time and right producers.

All the instructors who have been chosen to lead the courses including Glimpse and Blind Minded have a track record of success.


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