Atkins and Von Oswald keeping the beat alive in Berlin

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is here to stay. House music developed in the black night clubs of Chicago and Detroit in the United States in the mid-1980’s and has evolved since taking a whole new generation and countries, especially in Europe by storm.

In Germany, the band Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald have been helping to link the beats of Detroit with the capital Berlin.

According to Moritz Von Oswald, in an interview with Electronic Beats, the idea of playing electronic music in the German capital was a brain storm of Dimitri from Tresor who got the idea to link the music being played in the USA in Berlin.

“He really pushed things forward. He was really into getting Berlin and Detroit to connect. Tresor worked on getting [music] well spread, and over boundaries,” said Von Oswald.

Moritz doesn’t necessarily describe himself as a techno person but as a “rhythmically interested” person and he wants to put a lot of things into his music such chords and harmony into his rhythms.

Juan Atkins came onto the season in the 1980s and started the association with Von Oswald in the 1990s. One of their most important collaborations is the album Borderland.


Oneohtrix Point Never talks about Uncanny Valley


Oneohtrix Point Never has got a new album. The album came about with the use of a lyric sheet, scripts, and a text to speech programme and its being described as an “uncanny valley” of sound mixes.

The group sliced up the music and then put it together to make the album what it is.

“Whatever happened to be on whatever octave, or whatever note in the piano roll that correlated with MIDI from another track that was playing whatever melodic line would just happen,”OPN’s Steph Kretowicz told Electronic Beats in a new interview.

And he admitted that they work well with Nate Boyce because they have a similar style of using an art history undertone to their tracks.

“…Because we just see the world the same way. You can actually have both operating at the same time, in a way that is an honest appraisal”.

OPN says that the entire album was intended to have a creepy aura but a narcissistic feel in order to make it more authentic and more personal and a personal narrative.

For Kretowicz music is art and he sometimes finds that it becomes a bit confused as the form becomes blended and generic.


Win tickets to Scooter’s next concert

German group Scooter will be performing in their hometown of Hamburg in Germany’s north at an exclusive launch concert come December 5 and fans will be given a chance to win tickets to the big event.

Electronic Beats magazine is offering its online readers the opportunity to win tickets to a concert performance by the techno hard dance group at Uebel & Gefährlich by just answering a simple question and sending it to them with your basic information.

The deadline for entries to the competition is November 11 at 6pm CET.

The question is simple: All you need to know is what floor the Uebel & Gefährlich club occupies.

Of course there are a few other conditions to enter such as granting the EB to use the submission on its website.

Scooter is considered to be one of the most successful German single record acts having released 23 top ten hits.

The group’s members include H.P. Baxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Michael Simon. Some of their most well-known tracks include “Hyper Hyper”, “Move Your Ass!”, “How Much is the Fish?”, “Nessaja”, and “Weekend”.


New beats from Sub Bass


The East-London music academy Sub Bass has launched two new courses dealing specifically with how to use equipment made by German company Ableton.

The performance and production programme software by Ableton include includes Ableton Suite and Ableton Live.

The academy has launched a third course which will feature the use of Logic which will go a far way in helping aspirants in the field of deejaying and producing music.

An advanced Ableton course will be taught twice per week for two weeks and the students of the academy will get lessons in using drums, bass, melody, as well as arrangement, effects, and how to do field recordings.

There will also be an Advanced Logic course which will teach skills associated with the programme.

According to the Sub Bass founder, who was speaking to Electronic Beats, the academy wanted to expand their offerings for some time, but was waiting on the right time and right producers.

All the instructors who have been chosen to lead the courses including Glimpse and Blind Minded have a track record of success.


Blondes Ambition

The house music pumping pair of Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, better known as Blondes has been creating a stir in the underground with their second album Swisher. The album has been talked about a lot lately with its A and B sides “Business” and “Pleasure” and “Hater “and “Lover”. The full-length album is a mixture of German sounds from the early 1980’s.

According to Steinman, who was speaking to Electronic Beats, the pair takes a conceptual art approach which goes back to their days in college when they were part of a band called Misty which was all percussion instruments.

Haar and Steinman both graduated from the Oberlin College over ten years ago.

And Steinman says he isn’t quite sure if they are a better live band or playing in the clubs because they get mixed reaction from fans. Some prefer them live; others prefer them in the club.

Haar does admit thought that he doesn’t know if the music works in the club scene as the pair started out with the intention of doing live electronic playing although it was also always intended to be dance music.


It’s been 25 years for DJT


DJT is celebrating 25 years in the business in 2013 and according to the DJ it does feel like a long time.


The DJ sat down for an interview with Electronic Beats and said that because life and clubculture had gone through so many changes in the last two and half decades he feels like he has lived several lives since then.


DJT, who is releasing two albums to celebrate the milestone, went into the business after discovering his passion for music, dancing, and collecting vinyl records.


“I can remember when I did my first mix as if it was yesterday. We prepared the birthday-party of a friend and I had two pitchable turntables in my hands for the first time. There was one hour to go till the start of the party and I had nothing to do, so I instinctively started to play around with two records of Kool & The Gang”.


The albums, AGES, will feature one track from each of the 25 years in business. The first has already been released and a second is being worked on.


“The main aspect of the concept was to mainly get tracks that were never available digitally before and are timeless enough to be played in contemporary sets,” he said.


“When I started digging deep in my vinyl collection to select the tracklist, there were too many great tracks coming my way. I simply couldn’t resist making a second volume with the same concept”.


Moderat ready to release second album


The Berlin techno super group Moderat is preparing to release its second album entitled II later  this year. The group, made up of Modeselektor with Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert and Apparat (Sascha Ring). The trio has been working together for the last ten years after coming together to find ways to explore electronic music after meeting at a festival in Berlin.

One of the highlights of the new album, which was written in the dead of winter, is that all the beats were done from scratch using both sampled and re-sampled music from the studio – analog and looped.

The new album features synths, warm bass tones and rolling drum programming, as well as melancholy vocals. The group says it continues working together because of a shared past in the German city attending illegal parties following reunification.

In an interview with Electronic Beats, Moderat said that all the members worked on getting the album together. “Everybody did everything, it wasn’t like one person was the drum programmer and the other one was making the melodies. It’s really mixed,” said Sascha Ring. “We wanted to resample stuff and use it over and over again. We wanted to wear the sound out on purpose,” Ring added.


How Theo Hutchcraft adores Jeremy Irons

Hurts band member Theo Hutchcraft is a big fan of British star Jeremy Irons. According to Hutchcraft, who was doing a piece for Electronic Beats website, he was once told that the films a person likes and the star a child idolises are the people and things you emulate as an adult. For Hutchcraft, that person is Irons who for him is the consumate actor.

“I found this really great, stark black and white picture of him the other day wearing a monocle and a polo neck by the photographer Michel Comte in an Interview Magazine from 1990“, says Hutchcraft.

“There’s another photograph that I really like where he’s wearing a suit matched with a pair of Nike trainers. It’s something about his demeanor that suggests a romantic back story that I want to rifle through“.

Irons has of course won Academy Awards for his role in such films as “Reversal of Fortune“. He has also played in “The Man in the Iron Mask“.

Said Hutchcraft: “He’s this established Hollywood star so he probably has a beautiful house and a nice car; but it’s about more than the usual trappings.

He looks like he could live in some sort of house in Paris or somewhere in rural France with a vineyard. Or else he looks like you might see him on a yacht or a small canal boat tending to the flowers on the roof”.

And Hutchcraft thinks that while Hurts isn’t a lot like Irons they have managed to fool people into thinking that. “If I’m like Jeremy Irons when I’m old, I’ll be a very, very happy man”.