Blondes Ambition

The house music pumping pair of Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, better known as Blondes has been creating a stir in the underground with their second album Swisher. The album has been talked about a lot lately with its A and B sides “Business” and “Pleasure” and “Hater “and “Lover”. The full-length album is a mixture of German sounds from the early 1980’s.

According to Steinman, who was speaking to Electronic Beats, the pair takes a conceptual art approach which goes back to their days in college when they were part of a band called Misty which was all percussion instruments.

Haar and Steinman both graduated from the Oberlin College over ten years ago.

And Steinman says he isn’t quite sure if they are a better live band or playing in the clubs because they get mixed reaction from fans. Some prefer them live; others prefer them in the club.

Haar does admit thought that he doesn’t know if the music works in the club scene as the pair started out with the intention of doing live electronic playing although it was also always intended to be dance music.


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