Central Europe’s biggest things in Music


Central Europe, in countries such as HungarySlovakia, and Poland, is really getting into its own in the house and electronic music arena.

In Budapest, Hungary some of the more intriguing sounds include those by Imre Kiss – who happens to hail from Slovakia- Asio Otus and Stanley Maneuver.

Also making their mark is the Farbwechsel crew which plays at almost every party in the city. The crew has also been a major backer of the musicians that have made a name throughout the city’s underground within the last few years.

Poland boasts some of the most unique and diverse music in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sangoplasmo is one of the big electronic music labels from out of the largest country in central Europe.

One of the names that have emerged from the Polish label is Lubomir Grzelak who performs under the alias Lutto Lento.

Wroclaw resident Lento, who has been described as a “lone ranger” has mixes that include remixes of tracks from Irish artist Enya as well as other samples.

AranosFolja, and Tidal are a few of the others on the Sangoplasmo label.


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