Sonic Grooves to release Scattered Thoughts

Sonic Groove will release their next record this Wednesday, September 18 with a reissue of the twenty-year old “Scattered Thoughts” track from the group Separate Minds.

The track was originally produced by Lou Robinson and Vernell Shelton from Scan 7. They produced the track under the alias when it first appeared on Troubled World – an EP first released in 1993.

Troubled World, a very rare EP was released on Direct Hit, a Separate Minds imprint. The track is a blend of techno and atmosphere electronic and is expected to meld well with Sonic Groove which is said to “breathe new life into this masterpiece of a song.”

The newly remasters track will also feature a remix from Traversable Wormhole also known as Sonic Groove’s head honcho Adam X.

The album will be on vinyl and digital. Digital will follow in another 3 weeks.

Other records being produced by Sonic Groove now include a collaboration with Perc. The records tracklist includes on the A side Scattered Thoughts Detroit Version and the B side the Traversable Wormhole 2013 Revisit.


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