Coldplay for Prince George

Britain’s Prince William likes songs from home group Coldplay. The future King of England has revealed that he sings songs by Coldplay as lullabies to put his new son Prince George Alexander Louis to sleep.

It seems the 31-year old William himself is not a fan of the Chris Martin-led group but has found that Coldplay hits such as Yellow and Paradise are what the new baby responds to most and what gets him to sleep at all hours of the night. Insiders say the baby is up as many as six times a night, something for which the Prince was not prepared.

Singing to the third in line to the throne was something the Duke of Cambridge did before Prince George emerged from the womb. He also used to sing to wife Kate Middleton’s pregnant belly. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Go To Sleep My Baby” were the favourite tunes before Prince George’s birth on July 22.

Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their new son have been staying in Bucklebury in the county of Berkshire with Middleton’s parents since two days after the baby was born last month. Middleton’s parents Carole and Michael it seems are not fond of the late night singing.

Prince William made his first public appearance since George’s birth at a charity polo match on Sunday.


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