“Diana” movie panned by critics


The much-touted biopic of Britain’s Princess of Wales, “Diana”, starring Australian actress Naomi Watts has been panned by critics following its premiere in London.

The movie, which depicts the final two years of Diana’s life, was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. Its trailers had suggested that it would not go down well with critics but the reviews are apparently worse than expected.

Most critics gave the film only one star.

The Times in Britain said that Watts was “doing her level best with a squirmingly embarrassing script” but that the film was ‘still atrocious and intrusive”.

Hirschbiegel also directed the film about the life of NaziGerman leader Adolf Hitler entitled “Downfall”.

The Guardian newspaper also had nothing positive to say. Its critic Peter Bradshaw wrote: “I hesitate to use the term ‘car crash cinema’. But the awful truth is that, 16 years after that terrible day in 1997, she has died another awful death”.

The Daily Telegraph gave it two stars and said “It’s hardly fascinating. It doesn’t offer new facts about the Princess’s life. And it certainly doesn’t explain her complexity or contradictions”.

Watts walked out of an interview about the film before its premiere. “Diana” is out in cinemas on September 20.


Naomi Watts on her Princess Di role


Australian actress Naomi Watts, who is playing Britain’s Princess Diana in a new film, says she was so focussed on the interview the late princess did with Martin Bashir that she watched it as she worked out.

The biopic film entitled “Diana” will be released soon and Watts said she used the interview with Bashir on the BBC’s Panorama programme to help her fine-tune the Princess of Wales’ mannerisms.

The interview was first aired in 1995 and created much controversy at the time. During the now infamous interview Diana stated: “There were three people in this marriage” referring to Prince Charles’ relationship with now wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

Said Watts to Hello! Magazine: “I ran the Martin Bashir TV interview so often that it got to the point where I was watching it on my iPhone while I was out jogging. ”I had five minutes of her walk, five minutes of her wave, five minutes of her laugh that I’d watch again and again.”

The film will depict the final two years in the princess’s life just after her divorce from Prince Charles and just before she died in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. Watts recently walked out of an interview on BBC radio after becoming uncomfortable with the questions she was being asked about Diana.


British music taking on a South African flavour


House music is being described as the biggest thing in South Africa for young people and now it is catching on in Britain and influencing musicians in the UK.

House music is as big as hip hop used to be in South Africa and is very commercial heard in shops, taxis, bars, parties, and on mobile phones. Some of the biggest names include Brothers of PeaceOskidoBruce Sebitlo, and Black Coffee.

House music first evolved from the Chicago club scene in the 1980′s, made popular in discotheques catering to black and latino communities before moving to DetroitNew York CityNew Jersey, and Miami. It then made its way into Britain but now the music is taking on a different sound – the sound of South Africa.

Soul and funk are major elements but so are percussionbass drumsynthesizer bassline,electronic drumselectronic effectspop samples, and reverb.

In Britain the music was first influenced by black dancers doing a move known as “foot shuffling” or “cutting shapes”. It became part of mainstream pop and dance worldwide since the 1990s.

House music is very popular in the Midlands and north of England in Manchester,Birmingham, and Nottingham but has also gained a foothold in London clubs.


Crete, cradle of European civilisation


The island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea is the largest of the Greek isles and the most populous.

The second largest island in the Mediterranean after Cyprus- Crete is teeming with history. It was once the centre of Minoan civilisation which is recorded as the earliest known European civilisation.

The culture is rich. Known for Mantinades poetry and music, and dances the most notable being the Pentozali. Crete is also rich with archaeological sites such as Knossos and Phaistos and there are also Minoan, Roman, and World War II ruins.

Crete is mountainous and has three different groups of mountains forming part of a range running from east to west. The island is plush with fertile plateaux, valleys, caves, and gorges. The climate is primarily temperate and there is snowfall in the mountains between November and May.

Heraklion is the largest city and capital, with more than a fifth of the island’s 600,000 people.

Crete has a road network larger than that of Britain and is well-served by ferries from the mainland city of Athens.

Crete is a veritable den of flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in Greece or other parts of Europe. There are no large or dangerous mammals or snakes on the island.


Coldplay for Prince George

Britain’s Prince William likes songs from home group Coldplay. The future King of England has revealed that he sings songs by Coldplay as lullabies to put his new son Prince George Alexander Louis to sleep.

It seems the 31-year old William himself is not a fan of the Chris Martin-led group but has found that Coldplay hits such as Yellow and Paradise are what the new baby responds to most and what gets him to sleep at all hours of the night. Insiders say the baby is up as many as six times a night, something for which the Prince was not prepared.

Singing to the third in line to the throne was something the Duke of Cambridge did before Prince George emerged from the womb. He also used to sing to wife Kate Middleton’s pregnant belly. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Go To Sleep My Baby” were the favourite tunes before Prince George’s birth on July 22.

Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their new son have been staying in Bucklebury in the county of Berkshire with Middleton’s parents since two days after the baby was born last month. Middleton’s parents Carole and Michael it seems are not fond of the late night singing.

Prince William made his first public appearance since George’s birth at a charity polo match on Sunday.