Harry Potter takes on Frankenstein

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe continues to shake off the role he has been most associated with when he plays the doctor’s assistant Igor in the new Fox Frankenstein movie.

The English actor Radcliffe, who signed up for the project in February, will play alongside Scottish actor James McAvoy who was cast in the main role of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein. It is reported that in this new film, Igor’s secret past will be revealed.

Both Radcliffe and McAvoy are below average height for men with Radcliffe measuring in at 5’5’ and McAvoy coming in at 5’7’. Radcliffe originated the role which made him famous – that of boy wizard Harry Potter. He has aso starred in a number of other adult roles including The Woman in White and also starred in the stage play Equus in which he appeared naked.

McAvoy is perhaps best known for films such as Wanted, The Last King of Scotland, and X-Men: First Class. No date has yet been announced for start of production but the film is to be directed by Paul McGuigan. McGuigan’s film projects include Lucky Number Slevin and Push. He has also directed episodes of the British series Sherlock as well as the NBC series Smash.


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