Stop just liking, start circling!

We’re counting the hours before we are going to provide access to the viral Beta of This launch coincides with our participation at the StartUpWeek  in Vienna. That’s why we also thought it would be the perfect time to create this short cool video, on which we present ourselves in a simple and nice way ” Stop just liking, start circling! “.

Share it, like it and let your friends know about CircleMe, because we just begin our adventure of  living our likes.

4 thoughts on “Stop just liking, start circling!

  1. I like, but it’s easy to accidentally like things you don’t really like…. Please allow an undo or unlike??? For instance, I wanted to like Crystal Lake in Illinois. I accidentally liked Lake Crystal in Minnesota. Yeah, they’re different…. But now I can’t unlike Lake Crystal in Minnesota 😦 Sad panda.

    • Hello!
      We’re glad you like CircleMe! You can see a “REMOVE” button, at the top of an ” item” -if you go to your “Likes” from the profile page. In this way you’ll easily “unlike” the thingsd that you accidentally liked. Have a closer look;)

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