CircleMe is in the buzz!

These last days were awesome for CircleMe!  Many posts were published regarding the platform: personal impressions, reviews, positive advice to readers suggesting to sign up and also tips on how to use CircleMe at its best . Great!  We thought to mention some of these, to express our gratitude and offer you some different views on CircleMe.

Here we start…

Ali Abid, the owner of ,  a social-media passionate blogger wrote a comprehensive and detailed review, after he personally experienced CircleMe. With over 13 screenshots, his post covered fully all the utilities that the platform has to offer. Thanks to this detailed work, this post was the most popular on his blog for that week!

Secondly, Juan Diego Polo , “teacher and analyst”, that collaborates with,impressed us with his concise but spot-on positive review of the platform. The article had a great resonance on Twitter . Written in Spanish , Juan Diego announced: “CircleMe-giving more utility to our social likes”. He also paid special attention also the Privacy matter, highlighting the features that CircleMe offers to make sure users are in full control of what they share.

Finally, Erik Lumer, the founder and executive Chairman of Cascaad (the company which is behind CircleMe) was interviewed by Fortunato Pinto, an Italian journalist who writes for, a digital culture magazine. The interview touched on several important aspects related to social-media trends and the journalist was also able to bring on the table considerations on “what makes CircleMe different” and on the potential competition to CircleMe.

We are really happy for the initial buzz created around our product, and we are honoured of the consideration. With this positive attitude, we are confident to participate in the Startup Challenge 2011, in Vienna, with the right attitude.

One thought on “CircleMe is in the buzz!

  1. Thanks because of the reference!! is my project, I was teacher and analyst in the past, but is my profession today. I am the very proud founder (2005) .

    Regards and congratulations!

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