CircleMe: from Private to Viral beta!

In concomitance with our participaton at StartUp Week  2011 in Vienna, we are very excited to launch CircleMe in Viral beta, event that will allow anyone to sign-up to our system as long as they have a Facebook friend already inside CircleMe or if they can get someone to invite them from “inside”. Come on, let’s make it fun!

Also, note that in the last days we have also released a lot of little changes to CircleMe, to improve the user-experience and the existing features.

A few things you will find different from today: firstly, we have greatly improved the experience as soon as you sign-up into the system, with a very easy to understand QuickStart page; secondly, we implemented  Categories  for the To-Do’s so that you can manage better all your future activities in the pipeline; and finally we have introduced the Instant Updates (a better way to get notifications starting from the MePage).

We heard you (through the feedback, the surveys, the tweets, etc.) and we made these changes. Hope you’ll enjoy every little improvement!
Thank You.. and since sign-ups are ramping up quickly, a warm welcome to all new CircleMe’ers!

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