Android’s app gets a new look!

Yes, we know, it was long overdue, but finally we got to freshening-up the Android app look&feel and today we launch our sexiest-yet app for Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE, Google Phones, HTC, Motorola, NEC, Acer, Asus, or whatever other Android device you might own! We are sure tens of thousands of people will be happy for it.

Try it out by downloading it from the Google Play store.

This new version not only features the latest CircleMe graphic design, but also gets to you plenty of small improvements and bug fixes that some of you were desperately looking for. Here below you can get a ‘feel’ for the new app with a nice screenshots gallery.


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In the meantime, our interest-network continues to increase, with millions of articles, posts, images and videos available for any of your life’s passion you can think of. Each day, you can expect at least 500 and up to 1000 new articles with news about your favorite topics.

Get the new ANDROID app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂

#bewhatyoulike , always!

New iOS app with lots of users around you!

We get excited about every new release, especially as it allows us to launch features that our Circlers have put on their “wish list” in the past weeks.

Today, the new version of our iOS app will feature some improvements to the user-experience, both for the discovery of other Circlers, and the discovery of new interests and related content.

On the discovery of new users using the app, we apply now better filters in our algorithm to show users who are closer to the Circler, and who have a richer and better-matching interest-profile. Our tests have proven very positive, with results showing a much better set of people suggested for different users and their related profile. Try it now and let us know what you think of it!

On the discovery of new interests, our algorithms are getting much more effective in bringing to a Circler’s attention not only the popular interests, but also the ones “hyped” (i.e., interests that in a given, short, timeframe get lots of visibility and activity around them). This way you will not just see ‘Traveling” (9200+ likes), “Apple” (12800+ likes) and “Game of Thrones” (5250+ likes) on the list, but even interests such as the one about the actress and model Alicia Vikander (165 likes now) or the one about the astronomical phenomenon of the Eclipse (959 likes now).

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The last weeks have been very rewarding to us, with the involvement of our users increasing constantly (+110% time spent per user since the beginning of Summer). We’re very honored of this, and we hope that all our little improvements will continue to make you happy and enjoying the use of CircleMe.

Get the new iOS app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂

#bewhatyoulike , always!

We’ve Got (User)Tips for You!

In the last months our team is paying extra attention to user-experience and friendliness of our service. We want you to enjoy CircleMe as much as possible, and as quickly as possible. The quicker you do that, the quicker you can keep up to date on all your passions in life!

For this reason, with our most recent release, we have launched a new feature to provide User Tips to all new users accessing our web app. It’s sort of a welcome process, where we show you (from time to time) a specific tip related to how you can use the product, just while you are discovering it.

You will discover these tips as you go. For example, as you access the site, we give you a little welcome, like this one:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.05.53

Then, we let you enjoy the navigation immediately, and every once in a while, we show you a little friendly tip, depending on where you are and what you are doing. If you land on our Discover section, we might show you this tip:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 09.58.17

If you did not use yet our powerful SEARCH to discover your favourite interest, we just show you where it’s located:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 09.58.41Haven’t you figure out how to Like or mark as a ToDo something you see in the Updates feed and you find interesting? No sweat! Here is our tip to you:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 09.56.53

Haven’t you noticed yet our powerful Category Chooser, to focus on just one type of interests (e.g., Music, Books, Movies & TV Series, etc…)? Well, that is why you need our tip below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 09.57.40

OK, we know you got the point! We hope you’ll enjoy the tips, and they will make you appreciate all that CircleMe has to offer. Ready to click on “GOT IT” for each one of the tips? Go on the site and let us know if they have been helpful:

After you try the User Tips, please let us know how was your experience! You can always send us feedback to support [at] We would be delighted to hear from you, please!

#bewhatyoulike, always!

It’s time we speak French, mais oui!

Oh yes, we are on a roll!

Just ten days after releasing the Italian version of CircleMe (web), today we released our first Android version of the app in French: fantastique!

Get it here and let us know your feedback.

CircleMe in French We are very excited to get this version out, as French users are the fourth community on CircleMe, in terms of registered users. Furthermore, the gallic community has always been really supportive of CircleMe, since launch in 2012, and from the very early days we always received excellent and constructive feedback from the many early adopters from such wonderful region of the world.

Besides the French language, the new version of Android comes also with some nice features, including the Universal Post action, which we’ll tell you more about in a different blog post. We have done also quite a bit of work to render the app quicker in loading content, and more stable (avoiding some crashes we’ve seen occurring in the last weeks).

We trust you’ll love our new Android app. Now go and get it… “allez y!” (You can download it now here

Merci et à bientôt!


CircleMe User Interview #6: Andrew Neal

‘A student, a screenwriter, a film director, and an imagination that can take you to more places than a long distance car-ride.’ With a bio like that, we just had to find out more about CircleMe user Andrew Neal! Since he’s a screenwriter, Andrew has built up a large collection of movies on CircleMe, nearly a third of his Likes are films! Want to find out more about him? Read on…

Andrew Neal's CircleMe Profile

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Andrew Neal, 21, a part time student in Oxford, Mississippi. I work as a screenwriter and, honestly, I couldn’t be living in a better place to do what I’m most passionate about.

Tell us three passions, what are your favorites? Why did you choose these three?

Writing: For many years, I’ve challenged my creativity to write something that others can understand. From poetry to screenwriting, it’s my life.

Movies: Over the Summer, I have managed to watch around three hundred movies. Everyday, I watch at least one movie.

Social Media & Interests: Have you noticed how quickly everything from technology to social networking is changing? I’m addicted to learning how our interests connect us with others through social networks.

Tell us something that you discovered on CircleMe that you loved and why.

Somebody recommended that I watch the movie, Monster. I’m glad that I took their word for it because it was awesome.


Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

It would have to be water rafting. It’s a thrill seeking adventure of getting thrown around with friends on the rapid waters.


How did you discover CircleMe? 

I discovered CircleMe during the Beta phase and immediately signed up. It was something that stood out, beautifully and well thought out design and an experience based around a user’s interests.

What do you like the most about CircleMe the most?

The smaller features that you don’t typically think about, but enhance your social experiences; such as voting on comments, trusting people, adding an interest to your to-do list and other small features that make it worthwhile.

Where do you see CircleMe in two years?

Everything that we do is becoming mobile. This is just the stepping stone for CircleMe. Anytime I go out with new people, I’m asked what I enjoy doing. Instantly, my mind goes blank and my thoughts start instantly racing. While I’m with people, I can whip out the cell phone, log on, and I have a variety of interests to share. In two years, I expect that the very heart and core of CircleMe will be invested in their mobile app. Interests can be shared in a more visual, real-time newsfeed of anything and possibly turned into a game for friends.

Want to find out more about CircleMe? Got any questions about the site? Send the friendly CircleMe team a tweetwall post, or an email ( and we’ll get right back to you : -)

CircleMe User Interview #5: Camille Chatras

One of the coolest things about CircleMe is all the different people who are using it to add their Likes. We love finding out more about you, and our series of user interviews is a great way to discover interesting CircleMe users. Here’s a very interesting interview with Camille Chatras. As you can see from her bio, CircleMe is Camille’s very first social network! Off to a great start, we think ; ) She has some great Likes and we hope you enjoy finding out more about her.

Camille Chatras' CircleMe profile

Who are you?

My name is Camille Chatras. I’m 36 and I live in Paris, but I travel a lot because of my job (Germany, Italy and Dubai most of all).

CircleMe is all about passions and things people love. If you could only choose 3 passions, what would these be? Why these 3?

Three passions in my life? That’s very difficult!

Chanel: Well, first of all as you can see from my profile, I’m a big fan and customer of Chanel and everything Chanel-related: collections (both prêt-à-porter and haute couture), accessories, shoes, make up and perfume. I love to follow everything they produce on Vogue and other glossy magazines and, if I can, I go to their fashion shows (not that I work for Chanel, my passion is genuine!).

Cooking and wine tasting: I don’t have much time to do either of them, but I love to experiment with ingredients and to personalize traditional French recipes. My boyfriend and friends are always very happy when I have time to organize a dinner party chez moi!


Camille loves cooking for her friends

Movies and Theatre: The genres, movies and spectacles I like are displayed on my CircleMe profile!

Tell us something you discovered on CircleMe that you ended up loving?

One of the things I love discovering on CircleMe are the suggestions in the Explore section regarding books. Since I love to read in English, I really appreciate it. Also the books, music and movies I discover from other CircleMe users are always very useful. Before going to the movies my boyfriend always says “Look what you’ve got in your To-Do list!” He doesn’t want to use CircleMe though, because he doesn’t want to use any social network – this was the same for me before discovering CircleMe.


Camille uses CircleMe to find interesting books to read

Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

Cooking Thai food : -)

Thai Food

How did you discover CircleMe?

I discovered CircleMe because I read Forbes, and I read a great review on Forbes a few months ago.

What do you like about CircleMe the most?

The privacy on the site, item photos and the design. I also like how you can personalize your profile.

How do you imagine CircleMe will be in 2 years time?

More and more and more used than Facebook which, as I see from friends and family, is always full of crap : -)

Has Camille inspired you to tell us a bit about yourself? Got any questions about the site? Send the friendly CircleMe team a tweetwall post, or an email ( and we’ll get right back to you : -)

CircleMe User Interview #4: Brad Brooks

We’ve previously spoken to CircleMe users from The Netherlands, from France, and from Guatemala. It’s great to speak to CircleMe users from all across the world, and as we found out in our infographic, the UK is one of the most active countries on CircleMe. This is a good reason to chat to one of users in the UK! So today we are sharing this interview with CircleMe user Brad Brooks.

Brad's CircleMe profile

Who are you?

My name is Brad Brooks. I’m a graphic designer based on the south coast of England in the lovely seaside town of Littlehampton. I also used to draw comics.

Brad Brooks

Brad drew his CircleMe profile image himself

CircleMe is all about passions and things people love. If you could only choose 3 passions, what would these be? Why these 3?

That’s pretty easy. My three passions would be Comics, Apple and Arsenal Football Club.

Comics: I’ve loved comics since I was a very small boy. I’m just obsessed with mechanics of how putting images into boxes and then putting them in sequence can be so evocative. As well as drawing them, I’ve also written about comics, including co-authoring a couple of books. I’m also fascinated about how they seem to be able to shift to meet the demands of new media models (from newspapers to books to screen).

Apple: I use Apple devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad) every day, both for work and for play, and I’m continually amazed about how well they work for me.

Arsenal Football Club: Arsenal not only stand for tradition and good sportsmanship, but under Arsene Wenger we play exciting, skillful football too. Players may come and go, but the Arsenal stands forever.

Tell us something you discovered on CircleMe that you ended up loving?

I’ve discovered lots of things that I’ve ended up falling in love with. As one of my passions is the internet, I’ve been particularly happy with the web app recommendations that CircleMe has shown me, and I’ve really gotten into Hacker News because of CircleMe.

Hacker News

Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

I’d love to visit all of the street art that I’ve seen posted on CircleMe, particularly all of the Banksy pieces.

How did you discover CircleMe?

I downloaded the iPhone app and fell in love : -)

What do you like about CircleMe the most?
I love the sense of communal passion for the good things in life, and discovering new things to love. I’m also a big fan of the iPhone app. The UI of both the app and the site is attractive, intuitive and a delight to use.

How do you imagine CircleMe will be in 2 years time?
The same as today, only more so. I’m convinced the community will carry on growing, and with it, the engagement and utility of the site will only increase. It’s going to be exciting to be a part of it!