CircleMe User Interview #5: Camille Chatras

One of the coolest things about CircleMe is all the different people who are using it to add their Likes. We love finding out more about you, and our series of user interviews is a great way to discover interesting CircleMe users. Here’s a very interesting interview with Camille Chatras. As you can see from her bio, CircleMe is Camille’s very first social network! Off to a great start, we think ; ) She has some great Likes and we hope you enjoy finding out more about her.

Camille Chatras' CircleMe profile

Who are you?

My name is Camille Chatras. I’m 36 and I live in Paris, but I travel a lot because of my job (Germany, Italy and Dubai most of all).

CircleMe is all about passions and things people love. If you could only choose 3 passions, what would these be? Why these 3?

Three passions in my life? That’s very difficult!

Chanel: Well, first of all as you can see from my profile, I’m a big fan and customer of Chanel and everything Chanel-related: collections (both prêt-à-porter and haute couture), accessories, shoes, make up and perfume. I love to follow everything they produce on Vogue and other glossy magazines and, if I can, I go to their fashion shows (not that I work for Chanel, my passion is genuine!).

Cooking and wine tasting: I don’t have much time to do either of them, but I love to experiment with ingredients and to personalize traditional French recipes. My boyfriend and friends are always very happy when I have time to organize a dinner party chez moi!


Camille loves cooking for her friends

Movies and Theatre: The genres, movies and spectacles I like are displayed on my CircleMe profile!

Tell us something you discovered on CircleMe that you ended up loving?

One of the things I love discovering on CircleMe are the suggestions in the Explore section regarding books. Since I love to read in English, I really appreciate it. Also the books, music and movies I discover from other CircleMe users are always very useful. Before going to the movies my boyfriend always says “Look what you’ve got in your To-Do list!” He doesn’t want to use CircleMe though, because he doesn’t want to use any social network – this was the same for me before discovering CircleMe.


Camille uses CircleMe to find interesting books to read

Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

Cooking Thai food : -)

Thai Food

How did you discover CircleMe?

I discovered CircleMe because I read Forbes, and I read a great review on Forbes a few months ago.

What do you like about CircleMe the most?

The privacy on the site, item photos and the design. I also like how you can personalize your profile.

How do you imagine CircleMe will be in 2 years time?

More and more and more used than Facebook which, as I see from friends and family, is always full of crap : -)

Has Camille inspired you to tell us a bit about yourself? Got any questions about the site? Send the friendly CircleMe team a tweetwall post, or an email ( and we’ll get right back to you : -)

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