Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult top billed for new film

Twilight saga star Kristen Stewart and “About a Boy” ingénue Nicholas Hoult are hooking up. Not in that way! But for a new film entitled “Equals”. The pair has been billed to star in the science fiction film to be written and directed by Drake Doremus.

The movie is to be based on a screenplay by Nathan Parker. Parker previously scripted the the 2009 film “Moon”.

Doremus has worked on the other films including “Breathe”.

The roles that Stewart and Hoult will play have not yet been revealed. They have never yet worked together although both have worked on films that were based on non-fiction books. It is reported that they will be romantically linked in the movie.

Stewart made her latest splash on screen in the Twilight movies in which she played Bella Swan which wrapped up last year with “Breaking Dawn: Part Two” while Hoult’s most recent work was in the film Warm Bodies.

Warm Bodies was based on Isaac Marion’s book of the same name. The film was adapted by Jonathan Levine. Hoult also worked on “Jack The Giant Slayer” in 2013.


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