Gesaffelstein: The next big thing in EM

Gesaffelstein may just be the next big thing in electronic music. The artist, whose birth name is Mike Levy, plays in the Paris Social Club to resounding welcome.

He says he got the name Gesaffelstein while living in Belgium for six months and adds that it was a combination of two names, Gesamtkunstwerk and Einstein.

The Frenchman was not a born convert of electronic music but loved the arts, such as drawing and became attracted to the music after listening to the group Depeche Mode. After becoming initially hooked he started investigating more about electronic music and the sounds of Detroit where the house music first emerged.

He stopped listening and started learning more about playing himself. He got hooked up with a few other producers The Hacker being one of them back in 2007.

The pair now come together often for gigs and they are partners in running Zone Records. Levy states though that even if The Hacker was not around, he would still be doing his thing.

Now he spends time improving himself without the aid of others and got some real publicity and kudos after some releases of his own.


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