Lisbon Artists doing what they love

It isn’t always often that people get to do exactly what they want in lie but for Lisbon born DJ Marlon Silva, life has worked out and provided him the opportunity to do just that.

Silva, who goes by the moniker Marfox, grew up in the Portuguese capital wanting to be a DJ watching his father and cousin playing at parties and knowing that someday he would too.

The 25-year old Silva has earned kudos and respect in the neighbourhood since his emergence. His music is a mixture of just about everything from American to African to European but relies heavily on the African sounds of his heritage.

Marfox and his protégé DJ NIgga Fox are among of group of young electronic music DJ’s who work in the area including Jose Moura and Marcio Matos of Principe Discos.

Principe Discos releases Silva’s and Nigga Fox’s records… the debut 12’ was in 2012. The group which came together in 2005 has also spread their tunes abroad playing at the Unsound Music Festival in Krakow, Poland.

Other Lisbon artists that work with Marfox and Nigga Fox include The Maquinas Brothers, Pausas, and Fofuxo.


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