Avatar 2 set to start filming


James Cameron’s Avatar became the highest-grossing movie in the world and now the plans are the works to make a sequel to the film.

Cameron has confirmed that he will make Avatar 2, 3, and 4 with the first sequel due to begin filming in October 2014. Avatar 2 will be released in December 2016 with the third installment to hit theatres in December 2017 and the final in December 2018.

Stephen Lang will reprise his role as Colonel Miles Quatrich, despite seeming to have died in the first Avatar film.

The first Avatar film was released in 2009 and made over $2.7 billion worldwide making it the biggest money earning film of all time and was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Director for Cameron. The award eventually went to Cameron’s ex-wife for directing The Hurt Locker.

It appears that former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzeneggar is interested in the films. It has been reported that he is being sought to play the role of a human general in the films.

The pair has previously worked on Terminator, Terminator 2, and True Lies together.


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