Manchester, culture at a cost

Manchester is a city in North West England in Greater Manchester. It was historically in the county of Lancashire.

One of the most important cities in the United Kingdom, Manchester is known for its architecture, culture, music, media, scientific, and sports.

The city is famous for its two football clubs and rivals Manchester United and Manchester City which are two of the biggest and richest football clubs in the world.

Among the city’s landmarks are the Manchester Town Hall which sits in Albert Square; the Beetham Tower; Piccadilly Tower; and Heaton Park. Albert Square boasts monuments to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, Robert Peel, and the Duke of Wellington.

Interesting places to visit include the Imperial War Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, and the Manchester Jewish Museum.

The city is known for its music culture with the band Oasis and the Bee Gees hailing from the city.

Some of the recommended eating spots for those on a budget include Common known for its Turkish cuisine, Pancho’s Burritos, Gorilla, and Habeesha.

The city is served by the Manchester Airport.


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