Clara Moto prepares for double release


After spending three years away touring and working in the studio, Clara Moto (read here other things about Clara Moto) is preparing to return with the release of the five-track EP “Joy Departed” this month.

A second album “Blue Distance” will be released in November. The DJ spent the summer in the Canary Islands and travelled around Europe playing gigs and just exploring before returning to Berlin this month for the release of her first album.

Among the titles on the album are “Joy Departed”, “Disposable Darling”, and “For The Love WeLost” and in an interview with I Voice ClaraMoto said that many of the tracks reference literature or songs.

‘“Joy Departed” is from Edgar Allan Poe… and “Disposable Darling” is a line from Roxy Music’s “Every Dreamhome A Heartache”. That’s where I find my inspiration,’ she said.

ClaraMoto’s debut was “Polyamour” and she says the new material was all natural.

“That’s how I’ve been working over the last two years. I tried to make a lot of dance tracks but it ended up this way”, she said. ‘“Blue Distance” isn’t a dance album at all, really. It’s very satisfying having the freedom to do that.


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