Transformers 4 blowing up Chicago

The producers of the new “Transformers” movie have been struggling to keep info about the new flick set for release on June 27, 2014 under wraps.

The title of the film was leaked last week. “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction” will be the title of the fourth in the series about the robotic automobiles with humanlike characteristics. Now some footage from the set of the new film has been leaked on line. It was captured in Chicago on August 26 and shows Optimus Prime and Bumblebee cruising on Columbus Drive.

Cincinnati Bengals footballer Terrence Newman, who was in Chicago last Sunday for the filming of the movie Tweeted that the film was being shot outside the team’s hotel.

“The cars out there are insane!!”

The Michael Bay-directed Paramount Pictures film is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and will feature Dinobots with a heavy portion of the movie being filmed in China.

Bonaventura says only one version of the film will be released worldwide.

Transformer 4: Age of Extinction” will star Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing, and T.J. Miller


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