Ryan O’Gorman: A season full of highs and lows


Ryan O’Gorman has had a brilliant season. The DJ says his high point is always doing what he loves Among this season’s top scores was playing at Space with We Love as well as the free parties and sharing good times with friends and loved ones.

In addition to his club gigs O’Gorman also helped Carl Craig who staged an event in Formentera over the summer.

He visited Apollonia at DC10 and also the Vitalik free parties and staged a party of their own “Shonky”.

The season wasn’t all fabulous however with some of the worst moments coming according to O’Gorman when he allowed himself to get absorbed into situations that are stressful and the complications that come from working on an island and in clubs.

The last gig the group did was closed down prematurely after neighbours called the police. The group packed up their stuff and left.

O’Gorman says the idea is to make sure that the environment is one in which people understand that the reason the event is on is for a shared experience and that it’s all about respect and not disturbing the surroundings.


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