Puerto Rico, rich port


Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea and is the fourth largest island in what is known as the Greater Antilles. It is an unincorporated territory of the USA and is close to both the British and United States Virgin Islands and has many smaller islands of its own, with Mona among its largest.

Puerto Rico also has a tropical climate and is affected by hurricanes. It is one of three countries in the Caribbean with Spanish as its official language. The island is mainly mountainous with the main mountain range in the centre of the country. There are coasts on the north and south while there are also several man-made lakes and more than 50 rivers.

The Puerto Rican culture relies heavily on music… singers such as Jennifer LopezMarc Anthony, and Ricky Martin all hail from Puerto Rico.

There is a large road network with the major towns and cities connected by freeways and expressways much like in the United States. The main areas are served by a public bus and there are also mini buses. There are three international airports in Puerto Rico 27 smaller ones.


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