YouTube says yes to Justin Timberlake, no to Robin Thicke

Soul singer Robin Thicke has criticised YouTube after the video for his song Blurred Lines was banned. The video features topless women dancing around on screen.

But the move is even more controversial because a similarly racy video by former boy-bander Justin Timberlake has been allowed to stay. The song, which features Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I.has been criticised as trivializing rape and violence against women.

The chart-topping Thicke has called the criticism ridiculous and responded to rape charity Rape Crisis’s claim that the song “reinforces rape” by saying “I can’t even dignify that with a response.” Meanwhile, Timberlake’s video for the song “Tunnel Vision” remains on YouTube. The video features topless dancers wearing flesh-coloured thongs. The video was initially banned but was later reinstated with a proof-of-age login. YouTube has rules which forbid nudity but gave Timberlake’s video artistic exception.

“We make exceptions when it is presented in an educational , documentary or artistic context, and take care to add appropriate warnings and age restrictions,” a YouTube rep told FOX411.Most persons see the banning of Thicke’s video while allowing Timberlake’s to stand as a double standard.


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