You say “New Year”, we say “New Features!”

Happy belated new year!

At CircleMe we like traditions, and no, we aren’t going to talk about Christmas again but what has already become a CircleMe tradition: The Tuesday release of new features! We don’t plan on stopping coming up with cool stuff, so are you ready to try these?

Activity History

Starting from today you can enjoy your own activity history: Wouldn’t it be cool if you were able to track your activity on CircleMe? Yes, we mean every single activity including adding a like or to dosharing or voting a story, trusting someone… Everything summarised on one page! You can find this new feature clicking on the Account Button on the CircleMe Navigation Bar as seen in the screenshot below:

Adding your website to your profile

We knew adding a website to the user profile was a common request amongst our users. This is why when we received this request five days ago from a user to add it, we couldn’t contain a smile of satisfaction knowing we would be delivering it straight away 🙂 That’s right, you can now add your personal website or any link you would like on your profile. Your blog? Your Twitter account? It’s up to you!

We hope you enjoy these new features and we would like to remind you that most of these improvements were implemented thanks to you: you inspired us and suggested us many ideas that helped make CircleMe better. This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of your feedback so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please share your feedback with us on GetSatisfaction, getting in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook or even directly via


3 thoughts on “You say “New Year”, we say “New Features!”

    • Hi Eli,
      We apologize for the late reply, and we hope you enjoy this feature! The platform is developing day by day because of your feedback and we’re really lucky to have CircleMe’rs like you.
      Stay close, there are loads of new improvements coming soon!

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