Boosting “To Do’s” and Gmail integration!

          Wow – great to have already so many of you on the platform, having fun and enjoying your likes. The buzz on us on the web has been great and we’re grateful to all of you for spreading the word! Since we promised to keep you updated with all the new stuff on CircleMe, a couple of super-fresh news for you.
          First, we just added a cool new feature related to our “to do’s”. From today, every time you decide to create a new activity for an item, a helper function will show you a list of other existing “to do’s” related to that item, so that you can decide to join one of them instead of creating a brand new (and lonely) “to do”. Cool, right?
          Now, this is a feature for the many of you who have already started playing with the “to do” function. If you have not tried the overall functionality yet, give it a shot: basically “to do’s” are a way to mark down (in an organized fashion) all the activities you want to do related to a specific item (perhaps a suggestion to read a book or watch a movie, which you received from a friend of yours). The “to do” function is feature-rich, and if you desire you can even receive reminders based on the deadline you decide, so that you won’t forget to accomplish everything you propose to.
          Secondly, from today finding friends and contacts within CircleMe gets even easier. Yes, we heard you, and after Facebook Connect, we have now also integrated Gmail on our platform. Oh yeah, baby! Now, with a simple click, you can also check who are all your Gmail contacts that have already an account on CircleMe. What are you waiting for? Go people-searching now!
          Alright, that’s all for today. Now, don’t forget that every opinion really matters to us: thanks to your continued support, we hope to make CircleMe always a better experience for you. CircleOn!

2 thoughts on “Boosting “To Do’s” and Gmail integration!

    • Hi Zebza!
      Thank you for you message, and we’re sorry for the late reply. Since you posted the message few months ago and you’re already in, do you have any impression about CircleMe now? Do you have any kind of feedback that you want to share with us? Feel free to use GetSatisfaction on CircleMe, or simply send us an e-mail on CircleOn!

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