Visit Toulouse

Toulouse is a city in southwestern France and is the fourth largest city in the European country. It is traditionally known as the Ville Rose or Pink City.

The city boasts a number of high-tech research bases and is also the base of the Airbus airplane manufacturers. The city boasts the third largest university in France.

The city has typical architecture of southern France and is the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Canal Du Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin.

Places to visit in Toulouse include the Galerie du Chateau d’eau which is one of the world’s oldest sites dedicated to photography.

There is also the Hotel d’Assezat, cathedral de Notre Dame, Hotel de Pierre, Capitole de Toulouse which is a building of great architectural importance, the Pont Neuf bridge, Jardin des Plantes, Musee des Augustins, and Les Abattoirs museum which features many contemporary paintings and art.

Food is very important to the French culture and the Toulouse sausage is a specialty of the region. Other specialties include the cassoulet Toulousain which is a bean and pork stew, Garbure which is a cabbage and poultry soup and foie gras.

Places to enjoy Toulousain cuisine include Les Jardin de L’Opera, Le Restaurant Adresse, and le Velane.


Vienna, home of the music

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and one of the most famous cities in the world for its musical history.

Some of the most famous persons in classical music history – Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, Beethoven, Haydn, and Brahms all worked in Vienna.

Vienna is also the base of many international organizations such as the United Nations and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site over a decade ago.

Some of the most important sites in Vienna include the Schonbrunn Palace, Sisi Museum, Leopold Museum, Liechtenstein Palace, Military History Museum, and the Castle Belvedere.

The city also has several very important parks such as the Schloss Belvedere which is home to the city’s botanic garden.

Weiner Schnitzel is the national dish of Austria and can be had in Vienna. Also popular is the tafelspitz, sausages, and strudels such as apple strudel.

Some places to try Viennese cuisine include the Le Ciel, Hans Im Gluck, and Mini. Das Schick serves excellent Austrian cuisine.


Budapest for you

Budapest is one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe and is the capital of Hungary. It was formed from the combination of two former cities – Buda and Pest which lie on both banks of the Danube River.

The city was once the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was dissolved after World War I and has since been ranked the .second best city to live in by Conde Nast Traveler.

Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites lie in the city including the banks of the Danube River itself, the Buda Castle, Andrassy Avenue, and Heroes Square.

Other sites in the city include the second largest synagogue in the world, an underground system of thermal springs, Gresham Palace, and the Aquincum Museum which is a relic of Roman times.

The city boasts the second oldest underground railway system in the world behind that of London.

Hungarian cuisine relies heavily on meats and stews with goulash being a staple of the diet. Paprika and pork and casseroles are also important to the diet.

Places in which you can enjoy Hungarian cuisine include Gerbeaud Café, and the Százéves, Biarritz, Fortuna, Alabárdos, Arany Szarvas, Kárpátia as well as the world famous Mátyás Pince Restaurants.


Genova, city of history

Genova is a city in Italy most associated with the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

The port city is the capital of Liguria in Italy and is the sixth largest city in the peninsula. The city is one of the largest on the Mediterranean Sea and also one of the largest seaports in Italy. Much of the city is surrounded by an ancient wall, parts of which still exist today.

It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is important for its art, history, ,music, architecture, and food.

Among the city’s main sights are the San Matteo Square, San Lorenzo Cathedral, the city’s Lanterna or lighthouse, the fountain in the Piazza de Ferrari, the Doge’s Palace, and the Royal Palace of Genoa.

The city also has a number of parks that are suitable for relaxing such as the Villa Durazzo Pallavicini while the old harbour is one of the most ancient in Europe.

The city is famous for also its artwork and several important European artists such as Ruben Van Wyck and Strozzi had bases in Genoa.

The Genovese cuisine, like that of much of Italy is special and pesto sauce originated there. Some fish dishes are also unique to the city such as pansoti. Places to try Genovese cuisine in the city include the Gran Ristora and Profuma di Roso.


Milan Fashion City


Milan is the second largest city in Italy and is known as a major city of the Italian fashion industry. In fact, it is considered the world’s capital of fashion.

Milan Fashion Week is a must do on the annual calendar. Among the sights to see in Milan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site are the Milan Cathedral,Santa Maria Delle Grazie which is home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting The Last SupperColonne Di San LorenzoSfroza Castle, and Galleria VitoriaEmanuelle, which is the oldest shopping mall in the world.

The Natural History Museum of MilanVelasca Tower and Pirelli Tower are also interesting sights in the city while the Pinocoteca di Brera is possibly Milan’s most important art museum.

Music is very important to the city’s history and several major operas have been performed in Milan. The city also has a symphony orchestra and music conservatory.

Milan has its own distinct cuisine. Among the flavours of the city are the cotoletta alla Milanesewith is breaded veal which is pan-fried; cassoeulaossobuco, and risotto alla milanese.

Places to enjoy great Milanese cuisine include the Caffe Cova and the La Briciola.


San Remo, five-card stud


Sanremo is a small enclave on the Mediterranean coast of Italy in an area of theItalian Riviera.

The city was founded in Roman times and is a very popular tourist destination known for its cycling and its music festival held there each year.

The city has its own casino and is believed to be the origin of the card game version five-card stud, called telesina. Among the places of interest in Sanremo are theMunicipal Casino, the Ariston Theatre, and the Municipal Casino’s Opera Theatre. The city is sometimes called The City of Flowers because of its important reliance on this part of its economy; the city has its own international flower market, and nearby cities also rely heavily on horticulture and plant flowers for the Sanremo market.

The Sanremo Music Festival is a must do each year, a contest which has been held since 1951 and there is also a song contest for authors, a flower parade, and aFirework International Contest held in August.

Other things to do include the Milan- Sanremo cycle race, the Sanremo Rally which is part of the World Rally Championship, and local Serie A football.

Sanremo’s cuisine is decidedly Italian and Taverna Al 29 is highly recommended serving Mediterranean cuisine. Ristorante Pizzeria Pagoda is also good for Italian fare.


The Isle of Wight, UK

The Isle of Wight is a small island off the south east coast of England and has been a home of the romantic poets including Alfred Lord Tennyson and Swinburne as well as the much-loved Queen Victoria.

The island hosts an annual international jazz music festival and a rock festival known as the Isle of Wight Festival. The island has some of the best conserved wildlife and fossils in the United Kingdom.

Some places of interest on the Isle of Wight include Newport which boasts the main shopping district, Ryde, which also hosts the Ryde Carnival each year, and Sandown which is a popular seaside report.

Some other places to see include the Classic Boat Museum, Blackgang Chine, and the Isle of Wight Bus Museum.

Among the things to do in the Isle of Wight include cycling for which the island is very popular, rowing, sailing, trampolining, yachting, and marathon.

The island boasts a number of interesting restaurants including the Shoreside Inn, Fisherman’s Cottage, Folly Inn, and the Courtyard which serves Isle of Wight teas.


Manchester, culture at a cost

Manchester is a city in North West England in Greater Manchester. It was historically in the county of Lancashire.

One of the most important cities in the United Kingdom, Manchester is known for its architecture, culture, music, media, scientific, and sports.

The city is famous for its two football clubs and rivals Manchester United and Manchester City which are two of the biggest and richest football clubs in the world.

Among the city’s landmarks are the Manchester Town Hall which sits in Albert Square; the Beetham Tower; Piccadilly Tower; and Heaton Park. Albert Square boasts monuments to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, Robert Peel, and the Duke of Wellington.

Interesting places to visit include the Imperial War Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, and the Manchester Jewish Museum.

The city is known for its music culture with the band Oasis and the Bee Gees hailing from the city.

Some of the recommended eating spots for those on a budget include Common known for its Turkish cuisine, Pancho’s Burritos, Gorilla, and Habeesha.

The city is served by the Manchester Airport.


Tuscany, home of Italian renaissance and fashion

Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in Italy, sitting in the centre of the Italian peninsula. The regional capital, Florence, has been a centre of high art and Italian fashion for decades.

The region is known for its history and landscapes and high culture and was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

Places to visit in Tuscany include the Uffizi Museum and Pitti Palace in Florence while there are several other World Heritage Sites all across the region including the city of Siena, the Cathedral of Pisa with its Leaning Tower, the historical centre of San Gimignano, Pienza, and the Medici Villas and Gardens.

The region is well-known for its wines with the Chianti being one of the most popular outside of the region.

Many of the largest and most famous cities in Tuscany sit on the banks of the region’s river the Arno including the cities of Florence, Pisa, and Empoli.

Among the most highly rated places to dine out include the Da Delfina near Carmignano which serves home style cooking and the Il Canto Del Maggio in Penna Alto in the Arno Valley.

Definite must tries when in Tuscany are the truffles, the ribollita, and the pappa al pamadoro.


Bruges, Venice of the north

Bruges (read here other news) in Belgium is known as the ‘Venice of the North’ because of its many canals and is a Unesco World Heritage Site as much of its medieval architecture remains intact.

The city is beautiful to walk around in. Among its main sites is the Church of Our Lady with its outstanding brick tower. The church is home to the sculpture Madonna and Child which is thought to be the only Michelangelo sculpture that left Italy in his lifetime.

The city’s most famous landmark is the 13th-century belfry with a carillon of 48 bells. Other notable sites worth visiting are the Beguinage, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Saint Salvator’s Cathedral, the Groeningemuseum, City Hall on the Burg square, and the Provincial Court.

Bruges is also home to a number of festivals including the European Youth Film Festival of Flanders and the September Jazz Festival.

The city is served by the Bruges National Airport and the railway provides connections to other cities in Belgium as well as The Netherlands and France.

Belgium is famous for its waffles, fries, and beer and the Markt place is a good place to go to have a drink. The 3 star Michelin restaurant De Karmeliet is expensive but the meals are tasty while Den Dyver is less expensive but also good.