We deal with the dread of season gifts

Hi CircleMe’rs,

Have you been receiving the same Christmas Gifts for over a decade? Do you spend countless hours shopping for Christmas gifts yet you can’t find anything special for your friends? Here at CircleMe we think it’s time to put an end to it!

You might be thinking that it would be great if your friends were on CircleMe. That way, they could not only check your profile to find out your true likes, but you could also check theirs to find the perfect Christmas gift. After all, you probably would not add boring pajamas to your CircleMe profile, right?

(photo by jennandjon on Flickr)

But we know that it can be rather tough to get friends to join us on cool new sites, so we have thought of a quirky way to invite your friends and family to join you on CircleMe: A “Special” Christmas Card: With this “Special” Christmas card you can ask them to… well, not to give you the same old Christmas gift! You could also send them a card asking them to sign up on CircleMe so that they don’t receive the same old Christmas gift you dread making.

Do you still have doubts about how to use the CircleMe Christmas Postcard? Well, we made this video tutorial just for you, so that you can start using the new feature as soon as possible. Christmas is getting closer and we’re sure you want to get your favourite gifts, right? 😉

Want to put an end to dreadful Christmas gifts? Send your friends one of these “special” Christmas postcards now!

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