New Features: Circle it! button, Redesigned inbox and more!

Hi CircleMe’rs!

Here we are again with some brand new features on CircleMe! We have just launched the Circle it! button, enabled a feature to Edit Tags, made the Item Pages public, redesigned the Inbox and more!

The Circle it! button

Similar to browser add-ons and extensions, the Circle it! button is a bookmarklet that is added to your browser. The purpose of this button is to enhance your CircleMe experience by allowing you to quickly add likes, to dos or even add stories on CircleMe.

So, if you are browsing the web and you come across a like, to do or a story you would like to add on CircleMe, you won’t need to visit and then add the interest but instead, you will be able to add it directly from the page you are browsing.

Editing Tags

Until now, you might have seen that some items had the wrong tag but these couldn’t be changed. Frustrating, right? Well, now these tags can be edited! So now, you can not only add new tags but also remove wrong tags! You can see a screenshot of the new edit tags feature below:

Exploration by Tags

That is right! Now you can explore new items by clicking on the tags. So let’s say that you are a real fan of a certain actor, and you also really liked one of his films which you want to add to your CircleMe profile. There is just a problem: You don’t remember the name of the film! Well, now you can click on his tag to explore all the movies where he stars as you can see below:

Public Item Pages

You might have noticed that only registered users could see item pages and that if you shared a cool item page with your friends, they would need to register in order to see it. We have now made these pages public! So now you can share these pages with your friends and they won’t need to be registered in order to visit them as you can see below:

So heard a music sample from your favourite artist? Seen some interesting photos in the item page?  Or came across some hilarious comments you would like your friends to enjoy? Now you can share it with them!

Redesigned Inbox

We heard your feedback regarding our inbox: it could get a bit (too) messy, so we put our brains to work and came up with a redesigned inbox that organizes your messages into: all, suggestions, messages and notifications! You can find a screenshot of the new inbox below:

But that is not it! We have made some optimizations to our search functionality so that you find more relevant results when you search on CircleMe.

We hope these changes make your experience using CircleMe much better, and we are looking forward to reading your feedback! Also, do not hesitate to share any ideas you might have to improve CircleMe! You can share them commenting on this blog post, on our feedback site  or on Facebook  or Twitter .

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