Read, Watch, Listen & Discuss on CircleMe!

Happy Tuesday for all CircleMe’rs!

We have some great news to share with you: based on your feedback, we come out today with some significant enhancements: the Media & GoodReads  integrations, as well as the implementation of a new Action Bar and Conversation Notifications.

First, The Media Integration. Yes, starting from today you can easily listen to music samples and watch embedded videos directly on CircleMe! It’s now easier to learn about new bands and new music that you discover on CircleMe: you can listen to samples of artists taken from different albums, courtesy of itunes, and watch one of their most popular You Tube music videos directly on their dedicated item page.

You’re browsing through your trusted movie libraries for ideas on the next movie to match? Now you can also preview a trailer for each movie before adding it to your To Do or Likes lists.

Next, Goodreads Integration! We know you have many authors and books that you’d like to easily feature on your CircleMe profile. If you are a Goodreads user, you can now express more quickly your book likes by importing those from your GoodReads shelves.

We also tried to make everything easier for you with the new Action Bar, that incorporates in one place all the important actions you can perform on CircleMe: “Add like” “Add note”, “Add story”, “Add ToDo” , “Find Friends” and “Suggest a like”. Easy as that!

Moreover, you may have noticed that  we have worked on features to foster conversations between CircleMe’rs on their topics of interest. Now we’ll let you know when somebody replies to your notes, as a personal message delivered straight to your Inbox and via e-mail (you can control this option in your settings). It’s a good way to track and engage into conversations on any of your passions with like-minded people.

Last but not least, we have made some significant optimizations to speed up the viewing of profiles and will add more of those in coming days to deliver a faster and better browsing experience.

Be What you Like and Enjoy your CircleMe experience, more delightful from today!

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