3 New Features for a Fine Friday!

If you are a CircleMe’er, probably you’ve already received the first CircleMe newsletter this week and you read the cool and important news from us.

Now, as the weekend approaches, we want to give you some more good news. Today we introduce you to three new features on CircleMe.com, so you can enjoy the weekend some more: Pagination in Explore, Enriched Conversations and Social Profile Sharing.

What does all this mean?

Well, firstly the new Pagination feature in Explore allows you to discover more items in the Explore section of the site. On the top-right corner of the specific explore section the user will find arrows so that she/he can browse through  numerous items, to discover new things to like and share.

Secondly, we have worked on features to foster conversations between CircleMe’rs on a specific item. Since you’ve asked for it, you got it! Now you can reply to any comment you find on any passion-item you decide to explore. Just mouse-over the specific comment, and a “reply” function will get visible, so that you can contextualize any further comment you make about a specific item.

Finally, we have literally boosted the features related to Profile Sharing. Now, along with the already existing functionality to share profiles within the CircleMe’ers user base, you can share a profile on other social media, including Facebook and Twitter, with a simple click. Not only you can post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, but you can also use the Gmail button to send to any of your lovely e-mail contacts.

Well… that’s all for this fine Friday folks. Time to CircleOn!

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