Steve Coogan talks about his new film


Irish actor Steve Coogan has a new film and he says his Irish Catholic roots had a big role I his new film “Philomena”.

The film, which also stars Dame Judy Dench, tells the story of Philomena Leean Irish woman who was forced to give up her son for adoption in the 1950s and then later goes on a search for the boy.

Coogan, who is also a producer, along with his co-writer Jeff Pope, has won a best screenplay award for the film at the Venice Film Festival.

The boy depicted in the story, Anthony Lee, eventually became an advisor to then-presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan, but eventually died of AIDS before he was able to meet his birth mother.

Coogan, a devout Catholic himself, says he wanted to tell the stories of persons who were devout Catholics who became victims of the system of the times.

He said that the story of Philomena is a story of a lot of people who still practice the Catholic faith “with diligence”. Philomena Lee opened at the Irish Film Institute last week to good reviews.


Venice, Queen of the Adriatic

Venice is a city in Italy on the banks of the Po and Piave Rivers. The city is renowned for its canals, bridges, beautiful setting, architecture, and artwork.

The city and its lagoon are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites and is known as the Queen of the Adriatic.

Its beauty makes it one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the world and visitors can embark on a Grand Tour which takes them through cityscape, musical heritage and culture. One of the most famous aspects of the city is being able to take a tour through the canals on a gondola.

The city also hosts several international conferences and festivals as well as the Carnival of Venice annually. The Venice Film Festival is world renowned; other attractions include St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Ca’ d’Oro, Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, and Lido di Venezia.

Music is also very important to the culture of Venice as is food which relies heavily on seafood.

Risi e bisi, fegato alla veneziana and risotto with cuttlefish are a must try. For food try La Cantina and for bacari try the Alla Vedova.

The city has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and very warm summers and is served by the Marco Polo International Airport.