I like this or I like that, but not both!

As CircleMe’s main objective continues to be getting the most interesting content to all its registered users, today we launch a new feature to learn more about people’s preferences.


In a newly designed feed card, we ask Circlers to express a preference (if any) between two specific topics, and this way we get to learn more about users and bring you even more relevant content for you to read.

As always, CircleMe knows only what users express transparently as an interest, so fear no more about social networks trying to guess what your interest-profile is, in a too well-know Orson Welles’s dystopia. 😉

Did you get to try CircleMe yet? Perhaps today is the day.

If you have an iPhone (or iPad), go here > https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme-the-interest-based-social-network/id505991146

If you like the little green Android, go here > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cascaad.circleme

We are curious to know what you think. In the meantime, keep on circling your passions.




Looking for a BACK-END developer: are you our gal / our guy?

Things got pretty busy at Exa Futures (the company behind CircleMe) in the last 6 months, and for this reason we are looking for new people to join our gang. Not sure if our story is as exciting as Pied Piper, but certainly it’s more real.

Jokes apart, we are looking for a BACK-END DEVELOPER to join our team asap. Interested?


In short, we are looking for a talented developer, with good experience on Ruby/Rails, Java and mySQL (i.e., relational db’s), familiarity with AWS and with GIT. Knowledge of Python a plus. A person happy to work with a small but talented team, ideally in the city of Milan (but we are totally ok in considering also remote-working).

At the following link you can read the official and detailed job description: http://exafutures.com/jointheteam . If the description intrigues you, please reach out through the form or the email contact shown.

Want to join Exa Futures (and CircleMe) to work on the study of society’s life interests? If you are curious, and want to learn more about it, just write to us at careers@circleme.com

Android’s app gets a new look!

Yes, we know, it was long overdue, but finally we got to freshening-up the Android app look&feel and today we launch our sexiest-yet app for Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE, Google Phones, HTC, Motorola, NEC, Acer, Asus, or whatever other Android device you might own! We are sure tens of thousands of people will be happy for it.

Try it out by downloading it from the Google Play store.

This new version not only features the latest CircleMe graphic design, but also gets to you plenty of small improvements and bug fixes that some of you were desperately looking for. Here below you can get a ‘feel’ for the new app with a nice screenshots gallery.


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In the meantime, our interest-network continues to increase, with millions of articles, posts, images and videos available for any of your life’s passion you can think of. Each day, you can expect at least 500 and up to 1000 new articles with news about your favorite topics.

Get the new ANDROID app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂


#bewhatyoulike , always!

New iOS app with lots of users around you!

We get excited about every new release, especially as it allows us to launch features that our Circlers have put on their “wish list” in the past weeks.

Today, the new version of our iOS app will feature some improvements to the user-experience, both for the discovery of other Circlers, and the discovery of new interests and related content.

On the discovery of new users using the app, we apply now better filters in our algorithm to show users who are closer to the Circler, and who have a richer and better-matching interest-profile. Our tests have proven very positive, with results showing a much better set of people suggested for different users and their related profile. Try it now and let us know what you think of it!

On the discovery of new interests, our algorithms are getting much more effective in bringing to a Circler’s attention not only the popular interests, but also the ones “hyped” (i.e., interests that in a given, short, timeframe get lots of visibility and activity around them). This way you will not just see ‘Traveling” (9200+ likes), “Apple” (12800+ likes) and “Game of Thrones” (5250+ likes) on the list, but even interests such as the one about the actress and model Alicia Vikander (165 likes now) or the one about the astronomical phenomenon of the Eclipse (959 likes now).

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The last weeks have been very rewarding to us, with the involvement of our users increasing constantly (+110% time spent per user since the beginning of Summer). We’re very honored of this, and we hope that all our little improvements will continue to make you happy and enjoying the use of CircleMe.

Get the new iOS app now, and if you like what you see…. spread the word, please! 🙂


#bewhatyoulike , always!

CircleMe User Interview #3: Rodrigo Hortschlaki

As you use CircleMe, do you ever wonder about some of the users who are adding their Likes? We certainly do, and that’s why we’ve been bringing you interviews with a collection of some of the people who make CircleMe great : -) Today we have an interview with another great Circler: Rodrigo Hortschlaki.

Rodrigo's CircleMe Profile

Who are you?

My name is Rodrigo Hortschlaki, I’m a graphic design student from Guatemala City, Guatemala.  I also work as a content manager in a social media agency and love design, music and social media so much.


CircleMe is all about passions and things people love. If you could only choose 3 passions, what would these be? Why these 3?

1. Design:  Because for me design is a diferent way of living.

2. Music: As Shakira says “Music is the soundtrack of our lives”,  I don’t know who I would be without any music in my life.  It’s terrible just to think of it :S

3. Social Media: 3 years ago when I was watching a Facebook keynote, someone came and told me I was wasting my time watching this stream and bla bla. Now I can say “JA! JA!” to that person, now I work with Facebook and many other social networks, its such a new way of work which I’m enjoying so much.

Tell us something you discovered on CircleMe that you ended up loving?   

I discovered a book called ‘Logo Design Love‘ by David Airey. It’s such an amazing book, I think every graphic designer should read it.

Logo Design Love

Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

Well, each time I see Milan, Berlin or Barcelona in my Likes I start thinking about my next trip in 2013. Hopefully I can be there in December of next year  as that’s my personal goal.

What do you like about CircleMe the most?

What I love about CircleMe is how easy it is to use, and the variety of Likes you can find here. You can also find interesting people to talk to.

How do you imagine CircleMe will be in 2 years time?

I think there are gonna be new, different and exotic ways to Like things here. It’s gonna be great!

Rodrigo on jetty

And there we have it, now you know all about Rodrigo. Want to find out more about some CircleMe users? You can view past interviews here!

Are you a CircleMe user looking to tell us a bit about yourself? Got any questions about the site? Send the friendly CircleMe team a tweet, wall post, or an email (info@circleme.com) and we’ll get right back to you : -)