Delicacies for Cosmin and Simian

The collaborations in electronic music continue as Cosmin TRG and Simian Mobile Disco have become the latest to work together on a project.

The partnership will see Cosmin and the London-based electronic music duo Simian working on a pair of tracks that will be released on the Delicacies label owned by Simian sometime next month. This will be the second collaboration of the year on the Delicacies label as Simian also teamed up early in 2013 on a track with Bicep. That was on the Sacrifice 12-inch disc.

This latest two-track EP will also follow a culinary theme with the tracks being named “Surstromming” which is a Swedish plate while the second is “Sannakji” which is a Korean dish.

Surstromming is apparently a putrid smelling dish and the Korean delight is a dish of octopus tentacles which is served while the beast is still in full movement.

The pair is set to do a gig together at the Delicatessen nightclub in London on Saturday, December 7.

Cosmin TRG has been invited as a guest of Simian Mobile Disco on the night at the XOYO. Simian has worked in the past with such acts as Florence and the Machine, Peaches, and Arctic Monkeys.


Axel Boman prepares for “Family Vacation”

Swedish musician Axel Boman (edit something about Axel here) is in prep mode. The Stockholm-based musician is set to release his debut album “Family Vacation” in November.

The album will be released through Studio Banhus, another Stockholm native that Boman operates along with Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist.

“I decided to go through the vast collection of ideas and sketches I had on my computer, as a final project before I set that machine on fire and let it all go up in flames, kind of like what Lee “Scratch” Perry did with The Black Ark in Kingston in the ’70s,” Boman told Resident Advisor.

“A friend says the album sounds like ‘weird Jamaican space disco,’ so maybe it’s a fitting reference.”

Boman hit the music scene in 2008 with an irreverent look at house music and he hasn’t looked back since. His music has been on labels such as DFA, Permanent Vacation, Hypercolour and DJ Koze‘s Pampa Records.

Pampa Records released Boman’s breakthrough beat Holy Love. HE has also teamed up with Talabot under the moniker Talaboman on a beat called “Sideral”. That track was included on Talabot’s upcoming DJ-Kicks mix.

Family Vacation will be released on double-vinyl, CD and digital.


British bands the biggest in the world

The Beatles have long been confirmed as the biggest band in the world but now it seems the top bands in the world all hail from the UK.

The quartet of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon crossed the billion albums sold threshold joining only single artistes Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in the top three.

The top 20 artists in music history are The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, AC/DC, Whitney Houston, The Rolling Stones, Queen, ABBA, The Eagles, U2, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra, and Barbra Streisand.

Of that number the Brits include Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and U2. Some of the biggest solo acts are also British including Elton John and Phil Collins

The list of biggest selling artists includes those that have sold over 75 million albums worldwide

Except for the The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, only Madonna, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd have sold over 250 million albums worldwide.

The Australian group AC/DC and Swedish band ABBA join those that have sold between 100 and 200 million albums worldwide.