Open UK Casting for Star Wars movie

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Thousands of hopefuls have been piling into London with the aim of being cast in the new “Star Wars” film during an open casting call in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The auditions are being held for the leading roles in the new sequel to the film and the producers are searching for a teenaged-girl and a young man. The auditions will move to Dublin,Glasgow, and other cities in the UK over the next week.

The roles include that of Rachel who is said to be a young woman who has lost her parents and has no other family. Rachel is 17 and is street smart and strong. The casting is for actresses over the age of 16 but look young enough to play a 17 or 18-year-old.

For the male role of Thomas actors must be at least 18 and can pass for someone between 19 and 23-years old. Thomas is said to be smart and capable but grew up without a dad and doesn’t have a strong sense of himself.

The film is set to star shooting in Spring 2014. The first sequel “Star Wars: Episode VII” is set for release in December 2015.

Harrison Ford is rumoured to be making a return for the new film although this has not been confirmed.


Star Wars Episode VII delayed

Star_Wars (1)The release of “Star Wars: Episode VII” has been delayed until December 18, 2015 according to a blog post on Disney and LucasFilm’s official “Star Wars” website.

The director of the film, J.J. Abrams has taken over the writing for the movie which could have something to do with the delay in plans. Abrams will work with Lawrence Kasdan having taken over the job from “Toy Story 3” penner, Michael Arndt. Arndt does not seem to be lined up to work on the script with the inclusion of Abrams and Kasdan. He was initially linked to the project to write treatments and its sequels as well as the script itself. Abrams basically dismissed Arndt in a posting on the website.

“Working with Michael was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of his or adore him more, He’s a wonderful guy and was incredibly helpful in the process”, a release from Abrams said.

It is reported that LucasFilm wanted the film delayed up until as late as 2016 but Disney refused and problems with the script appears to be at the root of the request for a delay. The script problems are believed to be why LucasFilm were seeking additional time to get the film made. “Star Wars: Episode VII” will start shooting at Pinewood Studios in Spring.


Guardian’s top 10 sci-fi flicks


There are some movies that no matter how much time passes, have stuck in the mind and never go away.

These are the movies that legends are made of, the standard by which all other films are judged and they have endure throughout time.

The UK Guardian has named its list of the top 10 science fiction films of all time. Some were directed by one o the greatest film directors of all time – the American Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET: The Extra Terrestrial) and there are others by the British film director Stanley Kubrick(2001: A Space Odyssey) that earned a reputation for breaking down barriers in film corners.

Many of these films were made before the year 2000 which in itself perhaps speaks to the quality of contemporary film making.

The top ten in reverse order are: 10. The Matrix; 9. The Terminator/The Terminator 2:Judgment Day; 8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind; 7. Star Wars; 6. ET: The Extra Terrestrial; 5. Solaris; 4. Alien; 3. Blade Runner; 2.Metropolis; 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Soundman Ray Dolby dies


American inventor and audio pioneer Ray Dolby (read here other news about Ray Dolby) known for Dolby surround sound and Dolby Digital stereo has died at the age of 80 at his home in San Francisco.

Dolby, who founded Dolby Laboratories, was diagnosed with acute leukemia earlier this year. He founded the Dolby company in 1965 and it became a leader in audio technology. Dolby was instrumental in such things as noise reduction and surround sound technology and also created a number of technologies which are very often still used in music, movies, and the entertainment industries.

The work Dolby did helped to reduce the hissing sound in cassette recordings and he also did work on “Star Wars”.

The inventor had 50 U.S. patents and he also claimed a number of awards for his work, including several Emmys, two Oscars and a Grammy.

Dolby was awarded the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton and he was also inducted into the US’s National Inventors Hall of Fame and the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineers.

Last year the theatre which stages the annual Academy Awards was renamed the Dolby Theatre. The Ray Dolby Ballroom was also named in his honor.


Paranoia bombs up the box office


Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford‘s new film Paranoia has proven to be Ford’s biggest box office bomb ever. The action thriller starring the British Oldman and one of the biggestHollywood actors (Ford) going head to head with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth in the middle was estimated to make as little $6 million after taking in $3.5 million in its first three days in cinemas.

The film is one of the worst box office performers for all three actors and one of the biggest bombs of the summer. It’s also Ford’s worst-reviewed film to date. It has gotten mostly “rotten” reviews behind 1994′s “Jimmy Hollywood”. Paranoia cost an estimated $35 million to make and stars Oldman as Nicholas Wyatt and Ford as his corporate rival Jack Goddard with Hemsworth using entry-level staffer Adam Cassidy as a pawn.

Ford stars in the adaptation of the movie “Ender’s Game” in November. Harrison Ford has starred in some of the biggest movies in history including Raiders of the Lost Ark, the other films in the Indiana Jones franchise, and of course, the Star Wars franchise.

Oldman starred in the Harry Potter films while Hemsworth was in the hit The Hunger GamesDirector Robert Luketic has had other flops such as Monster-in-Law and The Ugly Truth.