Visit Toulouse

Toulouse is a city in southwestern France and is the fourth largest city in the European country. It is traditionally known as the Ville Rose or Pink City.

The city boasts a number of high-tech research bases and is also the base of the Airbus airplane manufacturers. The city boasts the third largest university in France.

The city has typical architecture of southern France and is the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Canal Du Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin.

Places to visit in Toulouse include the Galerie du Chateau d’eau which is one of the world’s oldest sites dedicated to photography.

There is also the Hotel d’Assezat, cathedral de Notre Dame, Hotel de Pierre, Capitole de Toulouse which is a building of great architectural importance, the Pont Neuf bridge, Jardin des Plantes, Musee des Augustins, and Les Abattoirs museum which features many contemporary paintings and art.

Food is very important to the French culture and the Toulouse sausage is a specialty of the region. Other specialties include the cassoulet Toulousain which is a bean and pork stew, Garbure which is a cabbage and poultry soup and foie gras.

Places to enjoy Toulousain cuisine include Les Jardin de L’Opera, Le Restaurant Adresse, and le Velane.


Zurich, city by the lake


Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and sits at the edge of Lake Zurich (read here more info about the lake) and sits high in the Swiss Alps.

Lindenhof is the city’s historic and geographic centre. The city is a hub of finance for both Switzerland and other countries in the world.

Places to visit include the Zurich Museum of Art, which holds the largest collections of classic modern art in the world; Swiss National Museum which has exhibits on the cultural; and historical background of the country; Rietberg MuseumMuseum of DesignTram Museum, and Guild Houses located along the Limmat River.

Three important churches to visit include the GrossmunsterFraumunster, and St. Peterwhich has the largest church clock face in Europe.

Cultural activities in Zurich include the Zurich Film Festival which is an important upcoming international film festival staged annually. The city is a hub for railways, roads, and air traffic and is served by the Zurich Airport and theZurich Hauptbahnhof which is the largest in Switzerland.

Switzerland is famous for its cheese and fondue is a traditional dish of the country. Adler’s Swiss Chuchi serves both fondue and raclette which is melted cheese with ham and potatoes. Sternen Grill is the city’s most famoussausage stand which also serves vegetarian options.