Ibiza no longer the place to party


Ibiza (read here other news) is known as the party place but these days the Spanish isle is becoming highly commercialised and over-developed. The thought is that what is happening there is untenable.

The island which sits in the Mediterranean off the coast of Valencia, Spain has seen a high influx of British tourists that has caused some damage to island’s image.

The fix to that problem was to make the island more expensive which hasn’t done much to address the real issues. High end after parties have been banned on the island but the bad behavior still permeates Ibiza.

While it’s marketed as a big spring break destination the crowds which flock there are not the “good” behaving types.

Tour packages, VIP’s, and the very rich make Ibiza their stomping ground. The new look Ibiza is not sitting well. It’s becoming a haven for the spoilt, the rich, the prostituting, and drug dealers.

Two girls have been the latest to be sent to jail for smuggling cocaine from Peru into the fair isle.

The pair call Ibiza home and claim that they were forced by an armed Spanish gang to do the dirty deed.


House music by System of Survival


House music is pretty popular in Europe and one of the longest running pairings System of Survival is over 20 years old. The pair of Alex Carpentieri and Pietro de Lisi has been working together since 1989. The duo is so close, they even live together and they say the secret of their success is keeping it real.

“Our system is to be true. To be real. Enjoy our job, be professional and avoid all bullshit. That’s the only way to survive,” the duo said during an interview with “ibiza-voice”. The DJ’shave been working on a new album which they expect to release some time next year.

The album will feature some collaborations but the pair are keeping tight-lipped on exactly what those will be. According to System of Survival, who recently signed up with Safehouse agency, they never prepare a playlist for their gigs and because of their eclectic music tastes and mental connection.

The group’s last album “Needle & Thread” was released in 2012 and a year later are still pleased with it. The pair said the music is their roots not club music and are pleased that their fans understand it. System of Survival has been playing around in 2013 travelling toSouth America where they played on the beaches of Peru.


Arroz con leche, a milky rice treat

Arroz con leche, or literally rice with milk, is a desert that is enjoyed in parts of South America, especially Peru, as well as Europe.

It is an exotic yet simple desert that can is easy to make. The arroz con leche can be sweetened and flavoured to taste and it is an easy desert that can be served when entertaining either for a small dinner party or just to offer a little taste of something different for your own family. This desert is also quite filling and is best eaten with a meal that does not already include rice.

All you need are two cups of uncooked white rice, three pints of cow’s milk, condensed milk, powdered cinnamon, brown sugar, a saucepan, four cinnamon sticks, and four small desert bowls or desert glasses.

Soak the uncooked rice in milk for a few hours. This can be done overnight as desired. Once soaked, in a saucepan over a low flame, boil rice in the remaining milk until nice and tender. Once rice is tender leave to cool

Stir in condensed milk and sugar to sweeten to taste. Add powdered cinnamon and place small amounts of mixture into glasses. Chill in a cool refrigerator until ready.

Cinnamon sticks can be added to the desert bowls before serving.


Easter Island, the remotest place on earth


Easter Island may just be the most remote inhabited place on earth. The Polynesian island sits all by itself in the South Pacific Ocean. The nearest other inhabited island is Pitcairn Island 1,289 miles away.

The island is closer to other islands in the Pacific Ocean such as Tahiti than it is to continental South America. It is 2,182 miles from Chile to which the island belongs.

The island was made a special territory of Chile after being annexed in 1888. Easter island, known as Rapa Nui to its 5,563 inhabitants, is famous for its more than 800 monumental monolithic stone statues known as moai created by its early inhabitants who settled the island around 1,000 CE.

It was discovered on Easter Sunday 1722 hence its name. The triangular, volcanic island is 7.6 miles at its widest point. The climate is described as a tropical rainforest climate bordering on humid subtropical climate.The early peoples were a Stone Age and worked extensively with basalt. The island has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and most of it is protected within the Rapa Nui National Park.

Petroglyphs – art carved into rocks – are also popular on the island.Easter Island has one international airport – the Mataveri International Airport and has jet services from Lan Airlines.Getting to Easter Island is now much easier than ever. It is possible to fly from Tahiti, from Lima, Peru or Santiago, Chile.