Introducing Plant Guides and our exciting partnership with Cibando

Partnership With Cibando

We know that our users enjoy finding interesting Likes around town using the Plant feature on CircleMe. However, we thought we could make them even more interesting and exciting, so we put our heads to work on improving this feature to help our users discover more high-quality plants.

Plant Guides

Announcing Plant Guides

What we came up with is something ground-breaking for CircleMe: The announcement of ‘Plant Guides’. As you will know, Plants are Likes associated to real-world locations. Thus, ‘Plant guides’ are collections of plants provided by selected partners.

This is a very important moment for CircleMe as it opens the door to the CircleMe ecosystem and potential partnerships, allowing other companies to distribute their content with the fast-growing CircleMe userbase, whilst providing you with more interesting Plants to discover.

Partnership with Cibando

The first partner will be leading restaurant finder app Cibando, which will bring you a collection of the best restaurants in Italy. (You can find out more about this partnership in our Press Center) But that’s not all! We’ve also added 2 more Plant Guides: Art Masterpieces and Boutique shops.

On the CircleMe iPhone app (got the latest version?), navigate to the brand new Plants page from the Menu button and you’ll find all the Plants near you. Now you can select the Guides button and see our 3 new collections.

The Cibando Plant Guide is the tastiest of the 3 as it showcases some of the best restaurants in Italy. It is also the one that excites us the most due to this great partnership, so don’t forget to have a look when you’re not sure where to grab lunch!

Plants on a map

Tap on the map to view Plants in full screen

The Art Masterpieces collection includes some of the most famous works of art in the world, all planted at the galleries where you can see them. From Whistler’s Mother to The Starry Night, the best Art Masterpieces are now planted on CircleMe!

Plants on a map

With the Art Masterpieces Plant Guide you can view art on a map

Finally, the Boutiques Plant Guide will take you on a trip to some of the most exclusive shops around the world, from independent jewelers to high-end tailors, you can find them all in our collection of Boutiques.

We hope Plant Guides help you enjoy CircleMe better, and don’t forget that you too can Plant cool things for others to discover! Not sure how to add a Plant? Don’t worry, our tutorial video will help you out. 

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Santa brought an Activity Board to CircleMe

Hi CircleMe’rs!

We hope you enjoyed a very merry Christmas! Here at CircleMe we had a great time and we even received a new CircleMe feature from Santa that we are very excited to share with you all: The CircleMe Activity Board.

Why an Activity Board? Until now, on Circleme there wasn’t a place where you could find all of your friends’ activities: what your friends are liking, the stories they are sharing on CircleMe…  Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to track all the activities about the things that you care about. That wasn’t great, right? We thought so and that is why we developed asked Santa for an Activity Board.

How to find the CircleMe Activity Board? You can always find it within the navigation bar and near the CircleMe search box as you can see below:

Once you click on the button represented as three circles, the CircleMe Activity Board will appear:As you can see, the Activity Board not only keeps you updated about the activities of your trusted friends and things that you care about, but also allows you to easily like or mark as to dos the items that appear in the board. In fact, the Activity Board even allows you to filter the type of information that appears: You can choose to only see Stories, Views or who your friends are Trusting.

We hope you enjoy this feature that Santa found on your Christmas wish lists and please do not forget to leave your feedback by commenting on this blog entry or getting in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter