Fashion Trends 2014 in an Infographic by CircleMe

Are you curious to know what might be trending in fashion this Christmas season? Which brands will win the race for coolest and most wanted fashion brands of 2014? Well, just look inside CircleMe’s interest-graph!

Thanks to the activity that (many) thousands of users do periodically on the platform, expressing preferences and intentions to consume for millions of diverse interests, we were able to collect some of this data focusing on a very “trendy” (especially during the Christmas shopping season) topic, Fashion.

Identifying a pool of 10,000 active Circlers with an interest in Fashion (ranging from 20 to 40 years old and distributed globally), we were able to rank the top high-luxury, pret-a-porter, accessible-fashion and other popular fashion brands for overall popularity and also for trending popularity (considering the last 12 weeks of activities on CircleMe).

Some of the results are visible in this Infographic we developed. We hope you enjoy it and share it on the web. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on this.

#bewhatyoulike … also when you dress up! 😉

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Trends in Fashion 2014 – Infographic by CircleMe (Nov.2014)


Milan Fashion City


Milan is the second largest city in Italy and is known as a major city of the Italian fashion industry. In fact, it is considered the world’s capital of fashion.

Milan Fashion Week is a must do on the annual calendar. Among the sights to see in Milan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site are the Milan Cathedral,Santa Maria Delle Grazie which is home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting The Last SupperColonne Di San LorenzoSfroza Castle, and Galleria VitoriaEmanuelle, which is the oldest shopping mall in the world.

The Natural History Museum of MilanVelasca Tower and Pirelli Tower are also interesting sights in the city while the Pinocoteca di Brera is possibly Milan’s most important art museum.

Music is very important to the city’s history and several major operas have been performed in Milan. The city also has a symphony orchestra and music conservatory.

Milan has its own distinct cuisine. Among the flavours of the city are the cotoletta alla Milanesewith is breaded veal which is pan-fried; cassoeulaossobuco, and risotto alla milanese.

Places to enjoy great Milanese cuisine include the Caffe Cova and the La Briciola.


Washington DC

While it is true that Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, it is a nice place to visit for the average tourist in its own right.

The city is cool and with an easy road network is one of the nicest cities to walk around in with chic neighbourhoods, trendy restaurants, and an entire section dedicated to American history on the National Mall.

It is also walking or a metro rides distance from the nearby states of Maryland and Virginia which both donated land to help form the district, named in honour of President George Washington, in 1791.

The city is in a humid sub-tropical zone and has four seasons with hot summers and cold winters.

The city has a distinctly European feel which is not surprising since it was designed based on plans of the cities of Paris, Karlsruhe, Amsterdam, and Milan.

Six of the buildings listed in the top ten of the American Institute of Architects are in Washington D.C. These include the White House; the US Capitol; Thomas Jefferson Memorial; Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Historic buildings in the city have a varied style built in Queen Anne, Chateauesque, Romanesque, and Victorian styles.

Georgetown, the Smithsonian Institute with the National Air and Space Museum are also must sees. Across the Potomac River in Virginia is Arlington Memorial cemetery where former presidents including JFK are buried.