I like this or I like that, but not both!

As CircleMe’s main objective continues to be getting the most interesting content to all its registered users, today we launch a new feature to learn more about people’s preferences.


In a newly designed feed card, we ask Circlers to express a preference (if any) between two specific topics, and this way we get to learn more about users and bring you even more relevant content for you to read.

As always, CircleMe knows only what users express transparently as an interest, so fear no more about social networks trying to guess what your interest-profile is, in a too well-know Orson Welles’s dystopia. 😉

Did you get to try CircleMe yet? Perhaps today is the day.

If you have an iPhone (or iPad), go here > https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circleme-the-interest-based-social-network/id505991146

If you like the little green Android, go here > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cascaad.circleme

We are curious to know what you think. In the meantime, keep on circling your passions.




‘The chicken or the egg’ dilemma solved!

At CircleMe, we have made the concept of “continuous innovation” our mantra and our driver each day. In order to innovate, we need to be ready to transform and revolutionize what we have done so far. To transform though, it is important to understand where we are coming from, and where we are going… and so, the resolution of “the chicken and the egg” dilemma becomes crucial to our day-to-day business. Today, we believe we have solved this dilemma!

Even though we continue to pursue great new partnerships with content and service providers, which enable our users to enjoy their passions more, we knew this was not enought. While we consistently improve our algorithms for taste-graph analysis and recommendation, we just thought you deserved more!

For this reason, today we are releasing a very special feature which we internally call “CEDG” or “Chicken-Egg Dilemma Solver” (it is a technical term – please write to us at support@circleme.com if you’d like to know more about the detailed explanation of this complex term). Due to the incredible impact it will probably have on all our user base, the overall Internet community and (most likely) the entire human race, we have decided to activate this feature just for a day, starting now. We realize that an abuse of such ‘awesomeness’ could really be too disruptive for the rest of the Internet players and population, hence for this reason we are limiting its fruition to the next 24 hours. I am sure our competitors will be very thankful for our decision. (And we respond: “You’re welcome! ;-D” )

We know, we know. Once you will see it you will be asking yourself how were we able to come up with such intuition, and then develop it only in a few months. You will wonder who is the genius behind all of this, and how come never anyone had thought about this problem’s resolution in such terms. But hey, what can we say? That’s what true innovation and disruption is all about, and why you have the CircleMe team work on tough stuff like this.

Alright: ready for the CircleMe revolutionary feature? If you say so, well… take a deep breath and log-in now. Amazingly enough, the chicken and egg dilemma will fade away in seconds as the solution is hatched in front of you.

And sure thing… you’re welcome! ;-D