How Theo Hutchcraft adores Jeremy Irons

Hurts band member Theo Hutchcraft is a big fan of British star Jeremy Irons. According to Hutchcraft, who was doing a piece for Electronic Beats website, he was once told that the films a person likes and the star a child idolises are the people and things you emulate as an adult. For Hutchcraft, that person is Irons who for him is the consumate actor.

“I found this really great, stark black and white picture of him the other day wearing a monocle and a polo neck by the photographer Michel Comte in an Interview Magazine from 1990“, says Hutchcraft.

“There’s another photograph that I really like where he’s wearing a suit matched with a pair of Nike trainers. It’s something about his demeanor that suggests a romantic back story that I want to rifle through“.

Irons has of course won Academy Awards for his role in such films as “Reversal of Fortune“. He has also played in “The Man in the Iron Mask“.

Said Hutchcraft: “He’s this established Hollywood star so he probably has a beautiful house and a nice car; but it’s about more than the usual trappings.

He looks like he could live in some sort of house in Paris or somewhere in rural France with a vineyard. Or else he looks like you might see him on a yacht or a small canal boat tending to the flowers on the roof”.

And Hutchcraft thinks that while Hurts isn’t a lot like Irons they have managed to fool people into thinking that. “If I’m like Jeremy Irons when I’m old, I’ll be a very, very happy man”.


Catherine Zeta-Jones among hottest women over 40

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been turning heads for almost two decades and is now being named as one of the hottest women in Hollywood over 40 years old.

Other women over 40 on the list include Gwyneth Paltrow, who is married to Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin, British supermodel Naomi Campbell who is 43, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara who stars in the American sit-com “Modern Family”.

It is perhaps a blessing that good Zeta-Jones is still considered hot. The 43-year-old Welsh-born actress, who starred in this summer’s sequel, “Red2”, is reported to be about to split from her husband of 13 years, Hollywood legend, Michael Douglas.

The Oscar-winning mother of two children Dylan and Carys, has not been pictured together with her husband for the last four months.

Both 68-year old Douglas and Zeta-Jones have struggled with personal health issues within the last few years. Zeta-Jones revealed that she was suffering from bipolar disorder while Douglas had a very public battle with throat cancer.

The pair live in separate homes, Zeta-Jones in New York state and Douglas in Manhattan. Douglas is currently on the East Coast of the USA filming a movie with Diane Keaton.


Paranoia bombs up the box office


Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford‘s new film Paranoia has proven to be Ford’s biggest box office bomb ever. The action thriller starring the British Oldman and one of the biggestHollywood actors (Ford) going head to head with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth in the middle was estimated to make as little $6 million after taking in $3.5 million in its first three days in cinemas.

The film is one of the worst box office performers for all three actors and one of the biggest bombs of the summer. It’s also Ford’s worst-reviewed film to date. It has gotten mostly “rotten” reviews behind 1994′s “Jimmy Hollywood”. Paranoia cost an estimated $35 million to make and stars Oldman as Nicholas Wyatt and Ford as his corporate rival Jack Goddard with Hemsworth using entry-level staffer Adam Cassidy as a pawn.

Ford stars in the adaptation of the movie “Ender’s Game” in November. Harrison Ford has starred in some of the biggest movies in history including Raiders of the Lost Ark, the other films in the Indiana Jones franchise, and of course, the Star Wars franchise.

Oldman starred in the Harry Potter films while Hemsworth was in the hit The Hunger GamesDirector Robert Luketic has had other flops such as Monster-in-Law and The Ugly Truth.


Kickboxer Gets a Reboot


Hollywood classics continue to be remade and Jean-Claude Van Damme is no exception a remake of his 1989 hit Kickboxer in the works. Stephen Fung has signed on to direct the film which will be produced by Radar Pictures which also produced The Last Samurai and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Fung previously directed the movie Tai Chi Zero. This is the second Van Damme flick which will be remade as it was previously announced that another of his more popular works Bloodsport is to get a reboot. Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis will write the script for the film. No word yet on whether Van Damme will make a cameo in the remake of either film but Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is reporting that he has been offered a film by the Belgian action star.

Van Damme was in India at the International Indian Film Academy Awards where he met Mukesh. It has been reported that Van Damme is hoping to make a film in India complete with all the spice of a Bollywood film mixed in with a little romance and action. Hollywood in the meantime, continues its trend of giving movies a fresh new look. Many films have been getting the reboot over the last decade including Fame, Ice Castles, Fright Night.

Even Spiderman which was only ten years old got a reboot last year.