CircleMe integrates with Spotify

On CircleMe there are now over 90,000 pages on music legends, rock bands, genres and singers. Any music interest that you can think of (from Lady Gaga to Giuseppe Verdi, from Adele to Pink Floyd, from Freddie Mercury to Dubstep or Hip-Hop) has probably a page on our platform.

From today, for the vast majority of these pages dedicated to Music, we have integrated also the fantastic Spotify service. Here below you can see how the Spotify integration looks like. A vertical card containing a playlist (provided by Spotify API’s) related to the specific music topic.

Spotify card for CircleMe

As you visit any interest page dedicated to Music, you might encounter any of these cards. In that case, to hear some music about that singer, band or genre of music, just click on the PLAY button and enjoy the stream (of course you have to signup to Spotify to use the service, but who wouldn’t want this awesome service, right?!).

Remember also that you can always use also our iTunes(TM) player and click on the button to go purchase the tracks directly on the iTunes Store(TM).

iTunes link from CircleMe

Try and check out this new service on the following interest pages if you like:



Taylor Swift:–2


Time to enjoy some tunes!



America is still the place for Claude VonStroke



For Claude VonStroke, America is still the place where his music is most accepted.


The DJ, who calls Detroit home, is based in San Francisco but despite playing his techno gigs all across the world especially in Europe he likes to return to his home base.


The owner of the dirtybird and Mothership labels admits that two years ago he wouldn’t have admitted that America is his major market and that he believes his homeland is ready for his dirtybird label music.


Most DJs do want to play their music closer to home he says.


While VonStroke admits that the myth of his home city is bit overblown he says that the city has one of the coolest vibes in the world and one which is different from anywhere else.


Detroit is also home of the soul music and the Motown labels as well as hip hop star Eminem.


The city recently filed for bankruptcy and is selling off just about everything from its parking metres to its art collection at the city’s Institute of Arts but VonStroke, who recently visited his home town, says most residents don’t even care about that.



British music taking on a South African flavour


House music is being described as the biggest thing in South Africa for young people and now it is catching on in Britain and influencing musicians in the UK.

House music is as big as hip hop used to be in South Africa and is very commercial heard in shops, taxis, bars, parties, and on mobile phones. Some of the biggest names include Brothers of PeaceOskidoBruce Sebitlo, and Black Coffee.

House music first evolved from the Chicago club scene in the 1980′s, made popular in discotheques catering to black and latino communities before moving to DetroitNew York CityNew Jersey, and Miami. It then made its way into Britain but now the music is taking on a different sound – the sound of South Africa.

Soul and funk are major elements but so are percussionbass drumsynthesizer bassline,electronic drumselectronic effectspop samples, and reverb.

In Britain the music was first influenced by black dancers doing a move known as “foot shuffling” or “cutting shapes”. It became part of mainstream pop and dance worldwide since the 1990s.

House music is very popular in the Midlands and north of England in Manchester,Birmingham, and Nottingham but has also gained a foothold in London clubs.